Often referred to as a "natural networker", Carlee is full of life and 24-hour energy. A quick friend, and welcomes connecting via the additional above-linked social networks as well. I promise not to make it weird.  

Carlee is announcing her new role as VP of Sales at Are You a Human, heading up the core product, the Verified Human Whitelist. Instead of searching for bots, we verify humans on 35,000 sites (incl Yahoo/ AOL), then re-verify them over and over again, and make these humans available as a targetable data set. That's it. Simple, inexpensive and easy to add to new campaigns as they're created, with no tags or contracts needed.


Most recently, Carlee was head of Strategic Accounts at iSocket, acquired by Rubicon Project in Nov 2014. Having began her career in sales and business development at top NY ad agency 360i, Carlee learned from amazingly talented teams to extend partnerships with Coca-Cola, Kraft, et al, and can hang her name on huge wins such as the Smirnoff new business AOR.

In a few words, Carlee is a tech geek, oenophile and aspiring world traveler. Year-round activities include: surfing, fishing, roller blading, biking, yoga, wine tasting and exploring.

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