John is the Director of Sales on the West Coast for Ahalogy, a service designed to help businesses dramatically scale their results through Pinterest with less effort using a pay-for-performance model. Our proprietary optimization and distribution technology maximizes the likelihood of consumers viewing content, following a brand, and converting to revenue.

Our unique curation solution allows us to curate content from over half a million pieces of high performing content (with the rights cleared) from over 1,500 content contributors.

Recently we worked with a very large CPG brand in which we helped increase their Pinterst referral traffic 8x and deliver 50k followers in 3 months.  

In conclusion, we focus on three things:

1.  Pinterest management via intelligent content optimization, curation, and distribution.

2.  Paid media within Pinterest--referred content via our mobile+native media solution that allws you to reach customers IN the Pinterest browser.

3.  Pinterest Promoted Pin Execution the helps brands deliver the earned media advantage that lowers their eCPM/CPC.

Men on Pinterest Do Exist:!bIxwPH


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