I am currently working on building my updated portfolio for my new website. I am competent in most areas of art but my main speciality is within the sphere of creating digital images. My latest projects have included making props for a pantomime and upandcoming production company and producing digital/graphical images and artwork for the websites and walls of a couple of local shops and businesses. I think out of the box. I like to keep up with the modern world of social media & marketing for business and I am just a little bit different. And I like it that way! My background is a degree in design practice at Salford Uni and Social Sciences at Uni of Highland & Islands but being a mum for 15 years now (and living back in rural scotland amongst a couple other things) my career went on hold but my daughters are at the age now where I feel it's time for me to get back on track and it's so much easier to do so without having to up sticks and move because of this digital age. I'm hoping to produce a great portfolio of artwork & gain a good level of competence from this fantastic course to go into business myself and/or help other businesses with the tools I learn.