Beth is President & Founder of Chatterkick, the little company with big ideas. Chatterkick is an social media marketing agency that started from a love for technology and the social space. Beth grew up in the Sioux City, Iowa area and after attending college at Coe College in Eastern Iowa, moved back to the Sioux City Metro region, ready to get involved in the community.

When it comes to the online space, fresh ideas are the currency that makes the digital world go ‘round. But, even the best ideas fall flat without proper execution. Chatterkick came from a passion to transform great ideas into game-changing realities. There’s a reason why maintaining the status quo isn’t a part of the Chatterkick mission.

Beth founded Chatterkick because she believed that the online space is meant to be revolutionized, that best practices can always be improved, and that innovation isn’t a selling point, it’s a way of life. The greatest asset and the biggest challenge that comes with what Chatterkick does is the constant evolution of the digital landscape. Chatterkick isn’t a company so much as it’s a mindset. The team at Chatterkick recognizes that the digital space demands and deserves quality content.

Prior to starting Chatterkick, Beth worked as the Director of Investor Relations at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce serving as both an advocate and educator on social media. This passion of online tools and desire to sincerely help businesses led her to incorporate technology into membership benefits at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. Beth’s blog at the Chamber became nationally recognized among Chambers and used as an example of a successful social media platform. She has worked as both an employee and volunteer with the American Red Cross and has handled media relations with national media outlets such as “The Today Show, CNN, Telemundo, ABC Evening News and has appeared on “CBS This Morning”, Public Radio International, and the BBC.

Outside her role at Chatterkick, Beth is very active in the local community, and has served as the President for the Sioux City Young Professional’s Group, Sioux City GO, and on various boards and committees. She spends any spare time she can find cooking, creating and spending time with her family, husband Luis and her two children Cruz and Lola.

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