Luke Hayter joined Magnetic in January 2014 as the company’s first international hire. As VP, Europe, Luke will oversee the expansion of the London office and the growth of the company’s European sales force.

Luke holds more than 15 years of digital experience, which spans publishing in the early days of the internet to working with brands and agencies across the US and Europe. With deep global roots in the Internet industry, Luke’s expertise ranges from data and analytics, social media to performance display and real time buying.

Before joining Magnetic, Luke served as Commercial Manager at Exponential in the U.K. where he delivered audience intelligence to brand advertisers. Prior to Exponential, Luke worked in New York City as Director of Agency Development for Adknowledge. Other roles within digital advertising and the publishing community include U.K.-based positions at Adconion, The Financial Times and in Formula 1 Motor Racing. Luke has contributed to publications such as The Guardian and is a regular participant at IAB events in the UK.

Luke currently resides in London and holds a degree in English and Media from Chichester College. Luke is also a keen cyclist and cook.

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