Krishna Boppana is chief data scientist at Digilant. Since joining Digilant (Adnetik) in 2010, Boppana has been leading the development of Digilant's real-time bidding platform, big-data architecture, product management, and, most recently, data-science product teams. Under his leadership, Digilant has developed proprietary programmatic algorithms, as well as advertising solutions, for contextual and audience targeting. As an executive board member, Boppana is responsible for developing performance optimization solutions and product strategy for the Digilant platform.

Previously, Boppana served as a technical architect during the early days of internet advertising, when he helped build Media Contact's Artemis Analytics platform. As a principal at CSC, Boppana was the data architect for NHTSA's early warning safety detection platform and prototyped a redesign of the Air Traffic Control System for the FAA. Boppana also co-founded Vega IT systems. As his first job out of college, Boppana worked as a software engineer for the world's first 64-bit operating system.

Boppana received his M.S. in management and engineering from MIT Sloan School of Management and his M.S. in computer science from Northeastern University.