As director of integrated production at BBDO New York, David Rolfe oversees all of BBDO’s production areas: content, digital, tactile and enterprise. Rolfe joined BBDO in March of 2012 to help break new barriers with innovation and cross-medium work.

Rolfe spent most of his career at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, as a partner and core leader in CPB's forays into innovation throughout the past decade. He led CPB in cross-media integration in the early 2000's, and helped forge their way in to deeper areas of digital over the subsequent years.

He's garnered nearly every content and innovation award, based on work with clients like GE, AT&T, Lowe's, Foot Locker, Fed Ex, Pepsi, Mini, Best Buy, Domino's, Kraft, Microsoft, Ikea, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Bush, VW, Old Navy/GAP and American Legacy/Truth. He joined the world of advertising in 1997 out of Miami, beginning at HMS Partners before joining CPB. He also ran Content Production at DDB Chicago for a brief stint in 2006-07.

Rolfe’s emphasis has been to push the limits of what a unified, high-performance production department can lend toward agency innovation. He founded "Integrated Production" in 2002 at CPB, and it became the industry standard, highlighting the need to systemically evolve the capabilities of a production department. Since, he is leading the charge at BBDO with a new model of prolific agency production, called 'Infinite Production.' 

Rolfe and his wife Tiffany Rolfe live in New York, where they have a young daughter, named Myla.