Ross Shanken is a digital technology business builder, thought leader, and patent holder who founded Jornaya (originally LeadiD) in 2011 after a 13 year career at TARGUSinfo that culminated in the company’s $650M exit to Neustar. Ross’ goal in founding Jornaya was to build and deploy a technology platform that would create a trusted environment for lead sellers and lead buyers to operate. Insights that Jornaya has uncovered have had a transformative impact on the way the industry operates and far broader potential than even Ross originally imagined. Jornaya clients know exactly where consumer data comes from, where it traveled, and how it performed, offering deep insights into customer intent.

Ross now spends much of his time collaborating with customers, advisors, and thought leaders to evolve Jornaya’s platform to best meet the needs of the broader digital marketing ecosystem. Jornaya is backed by Edison Partners, Comcast Ventures, Genacast Ventures and Tribeca Venture Partners.

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