Franke James, Co-founder, The James Gang, is a creative innovator, artist and writer. She has been profiled on television, radio and in print about the company's new media and game projects, including an in-depth interview on the CTV show “Innovating Tomorrow”. In 2006 and 2007 Franke won recognition for her environmental visual essays,“A Green Winter: Will Global Warming be Good for Canada?” and “My SUV and Me Say Goodbye”. The essays have been featured in the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, Treehugger, Worldchanging, and in numerous blogs. “A Green Winter” will be published in an anthology of readings for Canadian university students entitled Perspectives on Contemporary Issues, including authors Stephen Lewis, Ken Dryden, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood and others. Co-edited by Kim Blank and Stephen Eaton Hume, University of Victoria. (Thomson Publishing, Autumn 2007). For the Green Living Show in April 2007, Franke reinterpreted “A Green Winter” as an animated movie, with music composed by David Gray, Big World Songs.

Franke is the inventor of an ethical dilemma-based card game: Office-Politics®, the game everyone plays. The game launched in 2004 and is now in its third printing. The dilemmas are based on letters submitted to the Office-Politics web site from 2002 to 2007. It has found a special niche in the training market, and won positive reviews from organizations as diverse as Unicef and the US Army. Feedback from players has been excellent and demonstrates that it can be a useful tool in bringing office politics problems into the open. The game is useful for team building, enhancing communication, exercising ehical muscles, raising awareness, and understanding culture and fit. Caryl Stern, Chief Operating Officer, UNICEF used the Office-Politics® Game at an event and provided this feedback, "The presentation went really well! The audience (55 academics) loved the scenarios + had quite a bit to say. What a discussion we had! It was fabulous! We ran a half hour over and they asked to keep going! Thank you so much!”