WIT Strategy is not a PR firm, though we do generate press for our clients that compares favorably with that generated by PR firms. The difference is our approach. Clients, analysts, reporters, and others continually describe our approach as deeper and more strategic than that of any PR or marketing firms they have done business with. We feel that our approach is the most effective and lasting way to grow a company's brand and value. Every one of us has written for a living and done business in the interactive media segments our clients work in today. This background gives us the necessary experience to provide both a different perspective for our clients to be successful and a uniquely contextual and insightful perspective on industry idioms and issues that makes WIT Strategy the preferred resource for editors. That's why so many of our client companies come from editors' referrals. They know they won't hear from us until and unless we have something of value for them. It's our job to work closely with our clients first to extract that value.

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