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4 mistakes that destroy campaigns

Rob Sopkic

When first approaching programmatic, it's important to avoid some common pitfalls. Here's how you can come out ahead.

Weaving influencers into a content strategy

Media Planning & Buying
Rebecca Lieb

The basic steps for connecting with and working with influencers are fairly simple, yet frequently overlooked by harried, deadline-driven marketers. Don't miss this helpful checklist.

Consultation and transformation: The future of agencies

Industry Insider
Tom Edwards

How should agencies prepare for the dramatic change that the next five years will bring? Here's some advice to safeguard your industry vertical.

3 reasons to sit up and pay attention to Snapchat

Social Media
Stephen Boidock

No one knows the power of images and video better than the teen-centric social network. Learn how your brand can capitalize on the unique advertising methods of Snapchat.

How data can inform content creation

Industry Insider
Eric Thompson

As a video or content creator, relying on data to influence your creative vision may seem like selling out. Discover an easy way to manage the relationship that bridges these two worlds.

The race for precision at scale

What you can do to beat ad fraud bots

Maybelline, Gillette take vastly different approaches to building confidence

Elevate your marketing with music industry sponsorships

What type of innovator are you?

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Why Your Business Shouldnt Opt-Out of SMS Marketing

I Have an App So Why Use SMS?The rules and regulations for a text message marketing campaign are confusing. Trust me, I know....

Consumer electronics industry leaderboards for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

With July behind us, lets take a look at how the top brands in the consumer electronics industry performed on Facebook, Twitter...

Q&A: Chris Lindland, CEO of Betabrand on Newsjacking HP T-Gate (Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSSyYlFvHO4Betabrand knows how to break news. Or at least break into it.The San Francisco-based...

Analyzing top social media posting keywords in any industry

Understanding what topics other brands in and around your industry are posting on, and how theyperform, can accelerate...

Most Shared Facebook Post Topics for the CPG Dental Product Category

Choosing a dental product for a gift may not be the most obvious idea, but as well see, some products just need the right...

Persuading Mobile Users Through Innovation

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said that innovation separates leaders from followers. Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis says, You...

Triumph Motorcycles' #womenwelove Facebook Campaign Analysis

In social media, theres a lot to be gained from analyzing a competitors top campaigns. Campaigns are a goodway to gain a deeper...

An Instagram Leaderboard for Top Fashion Apparel Brands

Instagram and its stylized photos is obviously a natural fit for Instagram. So lets take a look at a leaderboard of top Instagram...

Can Technology Help Solve Californias Drought?

On April 1st, California Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating a substantial reduction in urban water consumption...

Analysis of social media campaign #obeyyourverse from Sprite

In reviewing the soft drink category for content trends, I found an interesting campaign from Sprite thats worth a closer look.Ill...

Two Case Studies That Analyze The Benefits From Content Marketing

In a recent column on this website, I had mentioned how even the most savvy B2B marketers struggle with content marketing. It is...

Which social media networks do yogurt brands post on most?

As weve noted with other industries weve analyzed, howthe brands allocate their posting across the different social media networks...

Mobile Trumps Desktop and TV, People Trump Everything!

Mobile now trumps desktop and for the first time, Americans spent more time on average looking at their mobile devices than at a...

Dude Where's My ROI ?

Startups and small brands whove been seeing their results decline on Facebook are finding untapped opportunities on Pinterest,...

How streaming is taking over

People are changing the way they consume television content. The days of people turning on a TV and flipping through channels to...

Which social media networks do hospitals post on most?

Where brands posts says a lot about how much they value a given social media channel, and how much effort theyre willing to put...