The 5 most dangerous job titles in marketing

The 5 most dangerous job titles in marketing

Media Planning & Buying

Some marketers' titles are working against their job security. Let's look at the ones that might seem expendable in the eyes of executives who are being pressed to make hard cuts.

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A simple process to make data digestible

Media Planning & Buying
Rachel DiCola

The overabundance of marketing data may feel like a curse, but there are easier ways to turn it all into a blessing. Consider these tips to make the task less daunting.  

The Digital Dispatch: Lippincott, Struck, and BrandFire

Media Planning & Buying
iMedia Editors

Vevo announced a departure, Genesis Media has a new partnership, and Havas Worldwide made a new hire.

Digital marketing for Small Business Saturday

Media Planning & Buying
James Green

Small businesses have more opportunities thanks to the wide range of online tools at their disposal. See how and why they can be applied to capitalize on the upcoming holidays.  

How to prepare for Facebook's changing role

Media Planning & Buying
Richard Jones

With younger generations turning away from Facebook, is the social media giant in jeopardy? Check out this prediction.

3 signs it's time to use your back-up holiday campaigns

Media Planning & Buying
Tyler Sandler

The margin of error on holiday campaigns is getting thinner, so having a Plan B for creative and specific marketing channels is necessary. Here's when to pull the trigger.

The success secrets behind 2 viral video newcomers

4 tips to pull back the creative curtain

The issue that digital marketers can no longer ignore

4 reasons marketers need to adopt programmatic advertising

Viral Video Watch: A "Breaking Bad" and "Frozen" mashup, a real hoverboard, and a hamster Thanksgiving

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