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Jen Soch's Profile

Jen Soch

VP, Activation Director of Advanced TV, MediaVest

An emerging platforms visionary for MediaVest, Jen Soch is credited with tapping into video-on-demand's enormous potential for measurement and engagement by designing a number of award-winning programs for clients such as Mars, Kraft, Wal-Mart, and Procter & Gamble.

A 15-year veteran of traditional and emerging media -- and a former director of advertising for Earthlink -- Soch has worked with notable brands such as Dell Computers, Intel, Compaq Computers, Iridium, Goldman Sachs, and UPS.

Jen's marriage of research and action has made her a sought-after thinker in the industry."

  • Rishad Tobaccowala
  • CEO, Denuo

As VP, activation director at MediaVest, Soch has played a major role in helping clients find success with VOD, digital video recording, interactive program guides, navigation, addressable advertising, and interactive and enhanced television.

As a result of Soch's success with emerging platforms, MediaVest is considered the industry's "Advanced TV" leader. 

Recognized by her peers on multiple project initiatives, a multi-media campaign with Kraft, A&E, and People magazine was the recipient of three annual awards for creativity and effectiveness of Advanced TV programs.

Soch's work with Mars and the Dove Chocolate channel earned a 2009 Emmy nomination, and the on-demand channel served as a dedicated platform for the custom series "My Moment at Fashion Week," featuring "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn, and emerging designer Ashley Verrier.  The channel launched the week before 2007 Fall Fashion Week on Cablevision, reaching 1.6 million homes, with five MediaVest-produced episodes.

In a rare move by a media agency, MediaVest also concepted and produced the 30-second spot to promote the Dove Chocolate Channel and drive traffic to it. These advertisements appeared on the VOD channels of TBS, TNT, and Animal Planet. The spots also appeared on Martha Stewart and Lifetime On-Demand, channels on which MediaVest's clients have exclusive sponsorship of all programming -- the result of an agreement Soch negotiated.
The interplay of these partnerships illustrates the size of Soch's impact in the VOD space -- an impact fueled by the VOD research and insights she also helps lead. 

Last year, Soch was instrumental in a Starcom MediaVest Group/Comcast joint initiative to deploy addressable advertising across 8,000 households in Huntsville, Ala. The groundbreaking study measured census-level, second-by-second household viewing, including capturing viewing engagement, and it demonstrated convincingly that addressable advertising on a large scale works.

Soch also works closely with TiVo, Comcast, Cablevision, and others to bring Advanced TV advertiser solutions to the marketplace.  She is a key player in Ad Lab and Beyond 30 initiatives, and she is chair of the AAAA Digital Video Innovation Committee. Follow Jen on Twitter at @AdvancingTV.

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