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There are two ways to think of digital -- as a distinct medium like TV, outdoor, and print, or as an overlay for how we view the world. Mullen is one of those agencies that clearly subscribes to the latter point of view.

Take the agency's work for JetBlue as an example. Mullen's You Above All campaign, which launched just a few months after one of the airline's flight attendants sent the internet's buzz machine into overdrive with his antics, is a great example of how an agency can connect the dots and engage an audience in unlikely -- and effective -- places. If you look at the campaign summary below, you can see each component of Mullen's "Unbound" philosophy, which unites strategy, content, technology, and distribution.

In the coming year, Mullen and its philosophy will be put to the test as the agency works to reinvent Barnes & Noble for the digital age (account required). While we might not all rush out to buy Nook readers, we'll certainly keep an eye out for the ads -- across all platforms.

Based in Boston, Mullen is part of the Interpublic Group of agencies.

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