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Geoff Teehan's Profile

Geoff Teehan

Co-founder, Teehan+Lax

Geoff Teehan, co-founder of Teehan+Lax, only does one thing: deliver great user experiences in digital. But to achieve great user experiences, Teehan+Lax employs a team with a diverse set of skills, ranging from designers, architects, developers, to strategists. The result is a slew of products that, simply put, make the web better.

Earlier this year, Teehan helped launch TweetMag, an iPad app that creates real-time, customized magazines out of articles based on a user's lists and searches. On the mobile front, Teehan+Lax is known for rolling out -- and constantly refining -- robust design tools that allow users to pitch, design, and build software from their iOS and Android devices. Most recently, Teehan has been heavily involved in a start-up called Readability, which is a subscription-based browser plug-in that helps readers organize digital clutter, while experimenting with a new business model for publishers that pushes 70 percent of the revenue to content creators.

Teehan also helps brand clients such as Capitol One, BMW, and Sun Chips optimize their user experience in various channels.
Teehan began his career in digital in 1995, working as a designer for an internet start-up. In 1999, he joined Modem Media, where he began working with his future business partner, Jon Lax.

Throughout his career, Teehan has received international acclaim for his work, including awards from Cannes Lions, ADDY, CMA, WebAwards, and Marketing Magazine. His work has been featured in publications such as Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Marketing Magazine, and Strategy. He has received the honor of representing Canada as a jury member for Cannes Lions, One Show, and Clio.

He tweets at @gt.

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