Print Article: Caluori, Sabrina

Caluori, Sabrina

HBO may never have been just TV, but these days the pay television network promotes content in an increasingly social way, and it's up to Sabrina Caluori and her team to make sure that HBO owns the conversations surrounding its multitude of properties.

To do that, Caluori conceived of HBO Connect, a one-stop social media clearing house for HBO's diverse content offerings. The platform launched in May, giving HBO fans an easy-to-use digital connection to the brand, which in turn lives on in conversations happening on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Running HBO Connect puts Caluori at the nexus of social, SEO/SEM, and content syndication. 

Prior to joining HBO in 2007, Caluori worked at Deep Focus and Trailer Park. She has also consulted pro bono for The Hetrick-Martin Institute, which provides counseling and legal assistance to LGBT youth, as well as with the Taproot Foundation, which enables business professionals to donate their skills to help nonprofits with their marketing, human resources, and strategy needs.

Caluori has won numerous awards, including a Cannes Lion, several Webbys, a Billboard Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology, and multiple Shorty Awards. She has also been selected to speak on social media by Mashable, Promax, the ANA and SXSW.

Fun fact: Caluori was employee No. 4 at Deep Focus.

She tweets at @sabrinacaluori.