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Famous Interactive

One of the great things about digital is that you don't have to skimp on the details to fit your message into a 30-second spot or a full-page print ad. But of course, having the opportunity to present myriad details isn't the same as having the ability to do so. That ability is rare, but Famous Interactive has it in spades.

Working for Chiquita Banana, Famous Interactive built a whimsical digital experience with a ton of granular details to keep fans of the iconic fruit brand engaged for as long as they liked. Visitors to Chiquitaville can create a custom banana sticker, play games at the arcade, watch serialized web videos inside the movie theater, or visit a "news stand" where users can get nutritional facts. Click here to watch a video about the site's offerings, or visit Chiquitaville here.

For Hungry Man, Famous Interactive took its silly sensibility and projected it out across the web. The result was a clever homage to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and a campaign that took on a transmedia life of its own with three branded characters loosely -- and humorously -- based on Genghis Khan, Davy Crockett, and Leonardo da Vinci. Each of the three historic hungry men engaged users on a diverse array of platforms, from YouTube and Facebook, to blogs and social gaming sites. Da Vinci, the tech geek of the trio, even designed his own app. To get a sense of the reach and scope of the campaign, you can watch a video summary here. Below is just one example of the many hours of original content created for the campaign.

Famous Interactive is located in Culver City, Calif. The agency has worked for Wendy's, Lincoln, and AT&T, to name a few.