Print Article: Genex


Campaigns have long been the standard for judging an agency. But as digital becomes the overlay for our world, a handful of agencies have emerged to build the architecture that connects consumers and brands. Genex is one of those agencies, and its work -- especially in the automotive category -- reminds us that you can't underestimate the importance of a shop that knows how to max out digital tools for a stellar user experience.

For Acura, Genex took the showroom experience and expertly translated it to the desktop for an elegant, incredibly user friendly shopping experience.

Working within its other core competency, Genex helped build online tools for various financial institutions, including ING and Honda Finance. To help rebrand PNC Bank, Genex organized a disparate family of consumer-facing websites into a single, easy-to-use site restructured to better align with consumer needs, rather than the bank's corporate structure.

Taking its expertise to the consumer goods category, Genex built iFood Assist, a branded app for Kraft that organizes 7,000 recipes and provides complementary information on the brand's multitude of products.

Genex is based in Culver City, Calif.