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Bob Arnold's Profile

Bob Arnold

Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Kellogg Company

Bob Arnold pushes people. And that's good. At Kellogg, he's helped to push the marketing team to become a leader in programmatic buying. In fact, the company has gone from spending virtually nothing in programmatic buying to investing much of its digital spend in that arena -- resulting in a digital ROI increase of five- to six-fold on a brand-by-brand basis.

But his work goes well beyond the walls of his own company.

"From an industry perspective, I'm trying to evangelize programmatic buying's advantages to brand marketers and pushing the ad-tech world to focus more and more on brand marketers -- instead of the sole focus on direct response marketers," Arnold says. As such, he has become a regular on the conference circuit, where he evangelizes programmatic buying for brands. He also writes a column for in which he bridges the gap between ad tech and brand marketers.

As associate director of digital strategy at Kellogg, Arnold works with his company's individual brand teams to help create their digital strategies and develop digital capabilities within the broader marketing function. In addition, he leads large-scale initiatives such as programmatic buying, search marketing, and the development of digital creative best practices for Kellogg.

Beyond his work at Kellogg, Arnold serves as mentor for The Brandery, one of the top startup accelerators in the country -- and the only one focused on building the bridge between brands and startups.

Prior to Kellogg, Arnold spent 10 years at Procter & Gamble, where he led global digital marketing efforts -- including eCRM, social media, and e-commerce -- for oral care and feminine care. He also spearheaded the awarding-winning digital platform in 50 countries.

You can follow Arnold on Twitter at @bobbyarnold.

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