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Chris Boudreaux's Profile

Chris Boudreaux

Global Technology Offering Development Lead for CRM and Social Media, Accenture

In his role at Accenture, Chris Boudreaux helps large brands transform their business operations through social media. Beyond the walls of his day job, he's helping our industry understand the true power of social media, and he's helping marketing organizations harness this power responsibly.

At Accenture, Boudreaux leads technology offering development for sales, marketing, and customer service domains globally. He serves clients across industries including financial services, technology, consumer products, healthcare, government, and natural resources. Prior to this role, Boudreaux led business development and marketing at a digital advertising startup acquired by Glam Media and built the strategy and measurement consulting practice at social media agency Converseon.

When he's not transforming brands, Boudreaux is probably writing. In 2008, Boudreaux created, a leading online source for information about managing and governing social media in business. Next year, in partnership with IBM's Susan Emerick, Boudreaux will publish a book through Prentice-Hall entitled, "The Most Powerful Brand on Earth: Using Digital Media to Empower Employees, Mobilize Advocates, Transform Teams and Integrate Partners." In 2011, he co-authored a book that was published by Accenture, entitled, "The Social Media Management Handbook."

Boudreaux regularly speaks at industry events and publishes thought leadership pieces on behalf of Accenture.

You can follow Boudreaux on Twitter at @cboudreaux.

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