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Jordan Corredera's Profile

Jordan Corredera

Vice President, Digital, Carnival Cruise Lines

In fewer than 10 years, Jordan Corredera has gone from helping individuals plan their vacations to heading up the e-commerce and digital marketing arm of the world's largest cruise line, Carnival. He joined the company in 2003 and held positions within the sales, operations, and marketing groups before establishing the company's first digital strategy team in January 2007. Earlier this year, he was promoted to vice president, overseeing the cruise line's entire digital strategy.

Corredera was an early advocate of social media and establishing corporate credibility online. He championed the first insider blog and social media strategy in the cruise industry. Together with his fast-growing team, Corredera sets the agenda for all of Carnival's online marketing, e-commerce, social media, community management, mobile, SEO, testing and optimization, customer targeting, visual design, usability, and technical functionality.

"With over 100 million visits a year and 2 million fans ("likes") on Facebook, we stay pretty busy," Corredera says. "Our team size and scope has grown immensely over the last four years. Building a team that can scale, and watching my leadership team grow into their roles and meet the ever-increasing demands of our business is definitely something I'm proud of. We've expanded our digital marketing across the globe with new sites, including Australia and Europe, and we've also integrated so many departments across the enterprise who now speak and work in the language of 'digital.'"

A few of his team's industry-leading accomplishments include:

  • Developing the industry's only cruise booking engine designed for mobile and social commerce.
  • Developing the industry's first social network at sea, currently accessed by millions of passengers each year.
  • Establishing the industry's first brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.
  • Developing the industry's first corporate blog, which today has more than 15 million readers.
  • Developing (now Funville), the industry's first supplier-side cruise forum and social network.

You can follow Corredera on Twitter at @JCorredera.

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