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Linda Boff's Profile

Linda Boff

Global Executive Director, Advertising, Digital, and Design, GE

It takes a special level of marketing chops to humanize a light bulb -- not to mention a turboprop engine or a robotic packaging machine. But as the leader of GE's global advertising and digital marketing, that's exactly what Linda Boff has done.

Under Boff's guidance, GE's marketing team has successfully leveraged practically every social platform available to tell the story of its products in stunningly visual ways. "GE has become an innovative content factory, creating original content that showcases our interestingness in dynamic and relevant ways," Boff says. "Whether on broadcast TV or Instagram, GE has used a variety of innovative channels and breakthrough creative to connect with audiences in a real and highly accessible way."

No kidding. Take a look at this video, which transforms the sterile gray of a factory into an expansive visual feast that viewers can't stop watching:

Want to see more GE eye candy? Just look the brand up on Tumblr. Or Viddy. Or Instagram. Or Pinterest. No matter the social platform, Boff and her team make one thing clear: The things that GE builds are sexy.

Previously, Boff was CMO of iVillage Properties, part of NBC Universal. Boff joined GE in early 2004 with 18 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and communications, including senior roles at Citigroup, the American Museum of Natural History, and Porter Novelli.

Boff, a frequent speaker at digital and social media industry events, was named B2B Magazine's 2012 Digital Marketer of Year.

You can follow Boff on Twitter at @lindaboff.

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