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Michael Dubin


Many digital marketers dream of funneling their hard-won professional knowledge into a passion project that subsequently catches fire on the internet. Well, that's exactly what Michael Dubin did with Dollar Shave Club earlier this year.

Cofounded with Mark Levine in April 2011, Dollar Shave Club is a home-delivery service for razor blades. Sound bland? Well, that might have been the case, had the company not hit the big time in March 2012 with its release of the hilarious video, "Our Blades Our F***ing Great." The video, starring former sketch-comedy-student Dubin himself, won "Best Out-of-Nowhere Video Campaign" at the 2012 Ad Age Viral Video Awards. It garnered millions of views and thousands of sign-ups for the company's service within its first week alone.

The virality of the Dollar Shave Club wasn't an accident by any means. It was the calculated move of a seasoned professional. In fact, Dubin has spent more than 10 years in media and digital marketing. He began his career as an NBC page, moving on to write and produce news at MSNBC. He left to begin a career in digital marketing, first working for a small client services firm in New York City and then moving on to develop custom content for brand advertisers including Gatorade, EA, and Reebok on behalf of Time Inc. properties and 

Just prior to Dollar Shave Club, Dubin worked in the video-seeding space -- what he calls "a fancy term for driving views to branded social videos made by the likes of LG, Ford, Capital One, Taco Bell, and other major brands." Obviously, that experience has paid off in his latest professional endeavor in a big way.

You can follow Dubin on Twitter at @mrdubin.

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