iMedia 25 - 2012 Brands Pioneering Online Video

The Brands Pioneering Online Video list recognizes brands that are making innovative use of online video in their marketing efforts. Going beyond one-off viral hits, these brands have made commitments to video as a channel and are willing to take risks in this still-emerging space. Collectively, these are the brands that move, shape, and lead the field of video marketing.

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While Best Buy's 2011 Super Bowl ad made the biggest splash for the brand, the retailer also gets credit for a deep and engaging YouTube channel...Full Story
Will it blend? That simple question has been a mainstay of Blendtec's digital marketing since 2006. Here's a look at the original video, which tickled web audiences...Full Story
Carlsberg smartly relies on physical humor and visual gags to communicate its message without limiting itself to a single language or risking jokes that don't translate very well...Full Story
DC Shoes has made a big impact online with branded entertainment featuring its co-founder, Ken Block, who races cars professionally with the Monster World Rally Team...Full Story
The Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign isn't new, but each year, the contest gets that much bigger, and 2011 was no exception, pulling in more than 35 million views...Full Story
It's not hard to get someone to click on a link that promises babies on roller blades, but Evian's "Live Young" campaign doesn't just trade on our curiosity...Full Story
Ford has run 41 online video campaigns, including 12 in 2011, but the best of the crop has been "Fiesta Movement," which earned the carmaker slightly more than 5.5 million views...Full Story


Recognizing that the web is inherently social, GE sought out some of the internet's most popular content creators to give its "Tag Your Green" campaign a boost...Full Story
When it comes to pleasing online video audiences, Geico has a lot of things going for it: a lizard with a funny accent, billionaire owner Warren Buffet's willingness...Full Story
"Evan Longoria's Crazy Bare Hand Catch" gave Gillette a viral smash without burning audiences. The video has reached slightly more than 6 million views...Full Story