iMedia 25 - 2012 Brands Pioneering Online Video

The brands in this iMedia 25 list were compiled in partnership with Visible Measures. The list focuses on aggregated brand view counts across related social video ad campaigns. Each brand and campaign is measured on a True Reach basis, which includes viewership of both brand-driven and audience-driven video clips. The data are compiled using the patented Visible Measures platform, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on close to 400 million videos tracked across more than 300 online video destinations.
Note: This analysis does not include Visible Measures' paid-placement (e.g., overlays; pre-, mid-, and post-roll) performance data or video views on private sites. This list does not include movie studios, video game studios, or TV shows, or networks. The date range for the data is from Jan. 1, 2011, through Nov. 20, 2011.

Best Buy
With the line between digital and offline becoming increasingly hard to define and -- perhaps -- irrelevant, a lot of brands are rethinking their Super Bowl ads. The question is no longer whether the 30-second spot can resonate with viewers during the game, but if the content will inspire consumers to share the ad with their friends online? For Best Buy, the answer was yes to both questions. According to Visible Measures, the top video, which paired Justin Bieber with Ozzy Ozborne, reached 15,791,860 views. The result is a funny and memorable commercial that scored a touchdown for Best Buy during Super Bowl Sunday (and its immediate aftermath) and continued to engage users throughout the year, thanks in part to the lasting power of an incongruous celebrity mashup that tallied just over 33,000 comments, according to Visible Measures.

While Best Buy's 2011 Super Bowl ad made the biggest splash for the brand, the retailer also gets credit for a deep and engaging YouTube channel. Visitors to Best Buy's YouTube channel can view educational videos, commercials, and co-branded content, like this exclusive "Gears of War" spot that ties the popular video game to Best Buy's gaming section.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

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