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Will it blend? That simple question has been a mainstay of Blendtec's digital marketing since 2006. Here's a look at the original video, which tickled web audiences with this serious question: Would Blendtec's blender be able to blend marbles?

What's interesting about Blendtec is that it has pretty much owned this concept for five years, elevating the question -- will it blend? -- to meme status. But with a long-running campaign built around such a simple question, one might wonder if the brand isn't putting all its eggs in one blender, so to speak? Perhaps it is. But as of 2011, Blendtec had achieved more than 35 million views without a new campaign, according to Visible Measures. That's impressive in its own right. But what's especially noteworthy is that Blendtec's marketing really engages consumers. Blendtec's campaign earned 106,168 comments from users who just had to chime in on that simple, little question. Of course, it helps that Blendtec keeps the concept fresh by putting relevant items in its now-famous blender.

Here's a look at one of the brand's most recent videos, which Blendtec created to promote its new app.

Agency: None, work done in-house.

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