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Carlsberg's Profile


Pranks play well with online audiences, but for brands looking to tap into a potentially risky style of humor, there's a fine line between fun and folly. Fortunately, Carlsberg knows just where that line is. The brand ran four campaigns in 2011, but its best ever is "That Calls for a Carlsberg," which gave the beer maker some serious online buzz. With Visible Measures tracking nearly 12 million views and more than 2,300 comments, Carlsberg certainly tapped into something good with the combination of a movie theater filled with mean-looking bikers, a few unsuspecting couples, and some cold brews.

But what's especially interesting about "That Calls for a Carlsberg" is its international appeal. The campaign is the brand's first global digital campaign, and Carlsberg smartly relies on physical humor and visual gags to communicate its message without limiting itself to a single language or risking jokes that don't translate very well. Videos like this prank involving the white cliffs of Dover give Carlsberg's marketing team the chance to speak in a single voice to a global digital audience.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem

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