iMedia 25 - 2012 Brands Pioneering Online Video

DC Shoes isn't a big brand (it's not even the biggest footwear brand), but it has made a big impact online with branded entertainment featuring its co-founder, Ken Block, who races cars professionally with the Monster World Rally Team. When Block isn't racing, he's serving as chief brand officer for DC Shoes, which specializes in footwear and clothing that's associated with extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding. To tailor to that niche audience, Block and DC Shoes created short-form documentaries (usually about 10 minutes or less in length) that showcase Block, the brand, and some extreme racing known as "Gymkhana." But with campaigns like "Gymkhana Three" reaching more than 18 million views, it's safe to say that DC Shoes has reached more than just a niche audience.

Equally important for DC Shoes, videos like the "Hollywood Megmercial" also inspire a groundswell of laudatory comments from the brand's diehard fans. And according to data from Visible Measures, those fans have rewarded DC Shoes with more than 37,000 comments.

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