iMedia 25 - 2012 Brands Pioneering Online Video

Brands that choose to stage stunts often run a risk of having their videos backfire. But "Evan Longoria's Crazy Bare Hand Catch" gave Gillette a viral smash without burning audiences. The video has reached slightly more than 6 million views. But Gillette's decision to replay the epic catch in slow-motion -- a move that revealed an obviously doctored shot -- let fans in on the stunt and got them talking. In fact, according to Visible Measures, which has tracked 30 campaigns from Gillette (including 11 launched in 2011), more one-third of the brand's 15,000-plus comments were attributable to "Eva Longoria's Crazy Bare Hand Catch." But while many of the comments on YouTube debate the veracity of the video, the interesting thing is that nearly everyone seemed to catch the fact that it was a Gillette spot, even though the brand's name appears slightly out of focus in the background.

Gillette has also gotten internet audiences talking with provocative online videos about the intricacies of grooming areas your not likely to see on television, proving that online video is the perfect forum to speak frankly to a niche audience in a language and style they value.

Agency: BBDO (New York)

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