iMedia Agency Awards 2011


Most Innovative Agency Website


A lot of agencies pride themselves on their websites. But voters chose AKQA for good reason -- the website puts high-quality work front and center with a seamless, easy-to-navigate layout that's quick to load, compelling, and immediately intuitive.

Whether showcasing work for Volkswagen Jetta or the latest installment of the "Sherlock Holmes" franchise, AKQA gives users a three-pronged approach for evaluating the agency's work. Each campaign has three preset slides -- "insight," "idea," and "impact." The copy relating to each element is crisp and clean. But if visitors want more information, they need only toggle one of the icons below the campaign. For example, a button with a trophy symbol flies in a quick glance of the awards the campaign has won. An icon with two picture frames brings up stills from the campaign. And for users who want to drill deep into AKQA's work, there's also a "play" button that brings up a short video summary of the campaign.

AKQA lists clients at the bottom of its website in a bar that toggles up and down. The roster features a number of premium brands, including Nike, Visa, and Gap.

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*The iMedia Agency Awards results were based on nominations and votes submitted by readers and the iMedia Summits community.