iMedia Agency Awards 2011


Best Agency for Out-of-Home


Razorfish was founded on the premise that one day, "Everything that can be digital, will be." With that philosophy in mind, it's little wonder that one of digital's earliest powerhouse agencies is leading the way in digital out of home (DOOH), because these days, everywhere you turn interactive screens are popping up.

To pioneer DOOH, Razorfish's emerging experiences team employs a unique blend of creative acumen and tech savvy. But where others focus on what can be classified as electronic signage, Razorfish excels at using out of home screens as a platform to showcase all kinds of emerging media and engage users in new ways. One such experiment is a mash-up that pairs DOOH with the power of a multi-touch screen and augmented reality. The result is RockstAR, which Razorfish has taken on the road to SXSW and numerous Microsoft parties.

Helping Delta Airlines engage customers and glimpse the future of travel, Razorfish reinvented the touch screen kiosk, putting a poetic spin on a display housed inside the WIRED Holiday Store in New York.

Razorfish's emerging experiences team regularly shares its insights and cutting edge advances on its blog. The team has worked with brands that include Microsoft, AT&T, and Audi, to name a few.

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