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The Hyperfactory

Best Agency for Mobile

The Hyperfactory

With a multitude of platforms, mobile can be a hit or miss proposition for marketers. But at The Hyperfactory, the philosophy is literally, "No mobile left behind." The Hyperfactory strives to reach consumers regardless of the mobile device, without compromising design, functionality, or interface. As anyone who's ever planned a mobile campaign can tell you, that's a pretty tall order. But The Hyperfactory has consistently delivered on that promise for a number of clients across multiple sectors.

Working for Kraft, The Hyperfactory developed iFood Assistant, an app that features recipes and a shopping tool. Initially, the app was only available as a paid app on the iPhone. But as The Hyperfactory refined the app, it also developed multiple versions, delivering the same user value on the Android and BlackBerry platforms. The paid version of the app ranked among the top 150 on Apple's download list. But the agency also built a "lite" version of the iPhone app, allowing Kraft to distribute it for free to reach a broader base of consumers.

While The Hyperfactory excels at building mobile apps and campaigns with a clear marketing goal, the agency is also known for using mobile as a tool to help its clients improve their businesses. For example, The Hyperfactory recently helped Lowe's begin the process of replacing scanner guns with iPhones. The idea is to let Lowe's employees use the iPhones as a roving in-store tool to help answer customer questions. Down the road, Lowe's also expects its employees to be able to help customers complete purchases throughout the store using the iPhones. 

The team at The Hyperfactory routinely shares its expertise on the ever-changing nature of mobile at various industry forums, including events like IAB Mobile Marketplace and publications like Mashable. Stella Artois, Victoria's Secret, and Coca-Cola are just a few of The Hyperfactory's clients.

The Hyperfactory is a Meredith Xcelerated Marketing agency.

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