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Los Angeles

This is the winner!

Executive summary
GetThis is an evolutionary platform and viewer experience that commerce enables all forms of television and home entertainment, simultaneously featured on their mobile and web connected devices. Leveraging existing, familiar devices consumers use daily, including smart phones (iOS & Android), tablets and web, we make TV shows, Blu-ray and DVD's "shoppable." GetThis provides an enhanced viewing experience featuring real-time entertainment shopping. Our scalable platform may also shop-enable third party 2nd screen applications, featuring GetThis as the "buy" button, to shop the Original, Affordable, Stylist Picks and show related merchandise. Viewers may shop items ranging from fashion and accessories to electronics, headphones and music equipment. GetThis provides additional ways for audiences to engage, learn and buy, both aspirational and affordable products.

Ranging from our commerce platform to robust analytics, and new revenue models, GetThis benefits:
Content owners
GT delivers a new revenue stream derived from enhanced viewer engagement and impulse driven commerce.
Brand advertisers and retail partners (including product placement)
GT provides a new impulse driven sales vehicle for brand advertisers and retailers, as well as an unprecedented level of performance-based marketing and metrics, not previously afforded via television and home entertainment. GetThis enables lifestyle and fashion brands to reach millions of entertainment viewers.
Entertainment audiences
GT provides a convenient, entertaining and immersive shopping experience, served as they're watching and without interrupting the viewing experience.
Though the idea of commerce enabling TV is not a new one, based on our engaging 2nd screen user experience and intelligent platform, it is one whose time has come via GetThis!