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Nearbuy Systems
Shopper Marketing

Nearbuy Systems

Menlo Park, Calif.

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Executive summary
Nearbuy Systems provides in-store mobile location solutions for retailers that enable the next generation of mobile shopping and store marketing. Research has shown that 70 percent of brand decisions are made within the aisle of the store. Based on this, retail and consumer product good manufactures have refocused and adjusted their advertising spend on how to influence shoppers at the point of decision. Today this is usually manifested in store aisle displays such as endcaps, but as shoppers move to digital mediums such as their smart phone, new methods of influence come into play. Retailers have sought a solution to this problem -- knowledge of a shopper's specific location within an aisle without requiring new store infrastructure -- for years, and now with Nearbuy Systems the world of mobile shopper marketing in possible.

Company description
Nearbuy Systems provides micro-location solutions that increase revenue, enhance the brand experience, and reduce operating expense at a cost that makes business sense. Using data from infrastructure that retailers already have in place, Nearbuy's innovative, patent-pending LocalEyes technology delivers real-time location information within three feet of accuracy for people carrying any mobile device. This micro-location data makes it possible to create new levels of service for shoppers with personalized, sticky mobile commerce applications, capture valuable shopping insights, or optimize location-dependent business processes such as warehouse management. For more information about Nearbuy, go to