iMedia Agency Awards 2012


Agency of the Year


We talk a lot about what it means to understand digital, but what often goes overlooked in that conversation is the fact that digital is always changing. What sets 360i apart from the pack is that the agency doesn't just understand that digital is in a constant state of change, it embraces that change.

Take the agency's work for Oscar Mayer, which tapped 360i to promote its Butcher Thick Cut Bacon. Immediately, the agency grasped the inexplicable passion that surrounds discussions of bacon online. But where other agencies might have dropped a solid idea into that fertile discussion, 360i took the opportunity to raise the bar with a concept too powerful to ignore.

Enter "The Great American Bacon Barter," an experiential, socially-driven campaign that featured comedian Josh Sankey driving across the U.S. with 3,000 pounds of bacon and no money in an attempt to see whether or not bacon could be used as currency.

The idea caught the attention of media outlets like The New York Times, Mashable, and Yahoo, to name a few. But more importantly, it shifted the focus of an existing online conversation about bacon to the Oscar Mayer brand.

360i has worked for many brands including Toyota, AARP, and Coca-Cola.