iMedia Agency Awards 2012


Best Agency for Mobile


AKQA has been pioneering in the digital space for quite some time, so it's not surprising that the agency is leading the way in mobile. And if you've flown Delta Airlines recently, you might have seen its work in the palm of your hand.

Adding to the "Fly Delta" app, AKQA helped the airline tap into a central concern of most travelers -- tracking their bags. The app allows fliers to check their bags, track them in real-time, and find them at the right baggage claim when they arrive.

With "Under The Thumb," AKQA helped MTV revolutionize the way Europeans watch television, giving users on demand access to the brand's content anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an app that streams content when users are out and about, and becomes their remote control when they're at home. But the app isn't just about watching, it's an inherently social experience that allows fans to connect with each other in a branded social TV experience. But most importantly, the app was a hit with MTV, reaching 5 million fans in the first two weeks.

AKQA clients include Audi, Nike, Gap, and Unilever.