iMedia Agency Awards 2012


Small Agency of the Year


For a small agency, Questus has big ambitions. In addition to working for a slew of brand clients, the team at Questus also found time to produce a documentary film about branding and corporate identity in the digital age. Here's a trailer for "The Naked Brand."

But what sets Questus apart isn't a documentary, it's the agency's approach to working with brand clients. Instead of thinking of advertising as interruptive messaging, the Questus approach is about building brands through transformational experiences. That approach has helped Capital One expand its most recent television campaign from a 30-second spot with Alec Baldwin and some Visigoths into an interactive online gaming experience. But Questus also demonstrated its focus on helping clients meet defined business goals, working with Universal Orlando Resorts to achieve a 195 percent increase in e-commerce.

In the past year, Questus has won new business from a number of brands, including: Gold Medal Flour, Total Cereal, Avery Dennison's Martha Stewart Collection, Hubzu, New York Times, Target, and Vayama International.