iMedia Agency Awards 2012

The Media Kitchen

Best Agency for Integrated Media

The Media Kitchen

Whatever they're cooking up at The Media Kitchen, you can bet that it's a recipe that integrates well across multiple platforms. But for the team at The Media Kitchen, it's not just about campaigns that span multiple platforms; it's about creating a unified message that stands out in a fragmented and noisy media landscape.

When Give Back Brands tapped The Media Kitchen to help launch Someday, a new fragrance from pop star Justin Bieber, the agency faced a unique problem -- getting the message heard through the general media noise and cutting through all the chatter that normally surrounds Bieber. To do that, The Media Kitchen kick-started the campaign with a paid media buy on "Glee" as well as a Twitter push from Bieber. But that was only the beginning of what became the Someday platform, which anchored around a YouTube channel and fed off of specific calls to action on Twitter and Facebook. The Media Kitchen also oversaw the launch of an iPhone app that let users share personalized "Justin charms" via bump technology.

The results were impressive. The day after the Someday platform launched, Someday accounted for 91 percent of all Justin Bieber related conversation on Twitter. The Someday Channel became the number two most viewed channel on YouTube. And teens camped out to buy the fragrance, making Someday the No. 1 selling celebrity fragrance in Macy's history.

The Media Kitchen works with brands that include Arbys, Vanguard, and The Daily (News Corp).