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Placed shows you the businesses where people are consuming your mobile content. The company does this by incorporating the abundance of valuable yet noisy location data made available by the accelerated adoption of smartphones. Placed sifts through this location data, identifying important features, and presents it in a consumable and actionable format that is relevant to marketers, publishers, and developers.

By analyzing and contextualizing location data, Placed enables marketers to understand the places users are interacting with their app and mobile content. Want to know if your users are interacting with your app while in transit, near a Starbucks, or grocery stores? Placed can get you that information and more. Since launching Placed Analytics in mid-June 2012, Placed has seen in excess of 3 billion locations across hundreds of thousands of smartphones.

This new class of analytics connects the physical and digital worlds, empowering marketers to leverage location data across multiple disciplines:

Place profile: Move beyond traditional user profiles around demographics and content and explore place profiles. Is the audience more Whole Foods or Safeway? Target or Walmart?

Media buying: Identify opportunities to incorporate location that goes beyond state or city targeting. Create media plans that utilize "share of place," a feature that takes into account the places where mobile ad impressions were available. For example, 38 percent of available ad impressions occurred nearby fast food restaurants.

Product enhancements: By understanding how location impacts interactions with your mobile content, marketers can identify opportunities to enhance their product. For example: If your company finds that 42 percent of app usage occurs when a user is in transit, this would make the case to enable voice controls for safety and higher usability.

From day one, Placed's mission has been to connect the digital and physical worlds to deliver location insights to the masses. In an effort to democratize access to location analytics, Placed is making its solution available at no cost for marketers and mobile app developers. Placed's approach to location analytics dictates that if you use location in your app or mobile content, you need to use Placed.

Learn more about Placed here, and check out its location analytics infographic here.