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This is the winner!

SeeMail is a new mobile app for photo sharing created by SeeMail Inc. It adds something special to your photos -- your voice! SeeMail is the first and only app to combine images, voice, captions, and location in a mobile peer-to-peer photo-sharing experience.

SeeMail moves mobile photo sharing to the next level by adding the emotion and feeling of the human voice to the photo-sharing experience. SeeMail is personal, intimate, beautiful, fun, and easy to use. It appeals to all ages, has thousands of uses, and has a cool retro vibe with mailbox icon, location postmarks, and vinyl record imagery.

Background and inspiration:
In ancient times (before 2000), photos were created and shared as physical objects. It was common practice to jot down a date or short note on the back of the photo. "Jasper, Alberta 1973." That note became a part of the photo. The note enhanced the photo and put it in context for the person viewing it. When you shared that photo with someone, you shared the story too. It was these photos that inspired SeeMail founder Ward Chandler to bring this experience to the digital photo-sharing age.

How it works:
SeeMail creates a unique style of mobile message inspired by the idea of sharing the story behind the photo.

  • Choose a new photo, or select from your library or Facebook albums.
  • Record a SeeMail -- just tap the record button and record your voice or anything going on around you.
  • Add a caption to your photo.
  • Postmark your current location -- powered by Foursquare.
  • Share with your SeeMail friends, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Play and share SeeMail on the web.

Founder and CEO Ward Chandler ( brings 25 years of experience, leadership, insight, vision, and public company office. Kent Speakman, president, entertainment and brands (, is a recognized expert in social marketing and has 15 years of management and marketing experience. Chris LaPietra, chief technology officer, channels 10 years of web and mobile technology development toward a talented technology team of iOS developers and designers committed to building SeeMail into the next social media powerhouse.

Launch and history:
SeeMail was created in the iTunes store March 30, 2011. Version 1 of the app was approved by Apple and was live March 30, 2012. Four subsequent releases have been approved by Apple since that date. A major update to the app (Version 1.4) was released in early August, bringing the SeeMail Experience onto the web and with many enhanced features.