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This is the winner!

Pogoseat gives fans the freedom to upgrade their seats during a game or concert right from their smartphone. Have you ever been to a game or concert and noticed empty seats in a prime location? Ever wished you could upgrade to those seats in a way that didn't involve sneaking to them to enjoy a few fleeting moments of glory before being publicly dethroned by an angry usher?

Pogoseat is a new app that lets you see a map of the stadium or venue you're in, recommends the empty seats that are best for you, and lets you instantly purchase an upgraded seat right from your smartphone at any point during the game, concert, or event.

About 40 percent of all live event seats go unsold each year, and between the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS, roughly 71 million seats are left empty. Pogoseat creates a win-win scenario for fans and the venue: Fans get a better view of the action, and the venue increases its earnings by filling once-empty seats.

Pogoseat lets you upgrade to sit next to friends you discovered were also at the game, gives the you the option to pick a dryer spot in the stadium when it starts pouring, and lets you quickly move your family away from rowdy fans. Or, maybe you just want to move from the nosebleeds to the lower level because your team is locked in an epic battle worthy of its own special on ESPN Classic.

In-game seat upgrades through Pogoseat are priced based on your original seat location, the amount of time left in the game or event, and any promotional discounts the team or venue wants to apply. Whether you're buying upgrades for a whole group, or just for yourself, Pogoseats can be delivered right to your phone or to a friend across the stadium via text or email.

Here's how Pogoseat works:

  • Sign in using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your Pogoseat username.
  • Enter your existing ticket information and then use the stadium or venue map to select your upgrade.
  • Purchase those upgrades using PayPal, Amazon, or a credit card. Fans can also sign in to their existing Pogoseat account with the team and use that payment gateway.
  • Receive your new tickets on your smartphone and send your friends theirs via email.
  • Present your original ticket and your electronic Pogoseat upgrade to the usher when you move to your new seats.

For sports franchises and other venues, Pogoseat increases ticket revenue, reduces unauthorized seat swapping, and collects more than 40 data points relevant to seat upgrades and fan behavior to help teams optimize their seat pricing and fan offerings.

Pogoseat's Venue Portal provides access to a wealth of information about fans that teams and venues can use to determine future pricing, gather demographic information relative to the fans who upgraded, and analyze trends in usage stats.