2015 will be the year of...

2015 will be the year of...

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Once again, it's time to explore what trends will define the coming year. Discover what some of the industry's top marketers anticipate in 2015.

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How programmatic helps the fittest survive

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The business of marketing, just like evolution, has its own process of natural selection. Take a look at advertising through a Darwinian lens.

How Waffle House used bacon as an amazing marketing currency

Industry Insider
Shelby White

Who doesn't love bacon? Find out how this restaurant chain was able to utilize everyone's favorite indulgence to increase sales through mobile.

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On being named Independent Agency of the Year

Reflecting on the value of freedomMy agency Traction just got a trophy.We were named Best Independent Agency of 2014 in the U.S....

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8 trends we hate and hope disappear in 2015

As the swing doors of this saloon hit 2014s caboose as it exits, we watch a New Year step in. What will 2015 have to share with us...

Different ways companies are now understanding the digital audience

I recently had the pleasure of going up to the Gold Coast in Australia to attend the iMedia Brand Summit, and it was quite the...

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