6 marketing lessons from Amazon

6 marketing lessons from Amazon

Media Planning & Buying

You shop at Amazon. Your brand probably sells on Amazon. But if you want to learn something about marketing, Amazon also has plenty of lessons for you.

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Stop managing and start leading your agency

Media Planning & Buying
Geoff Wilson

So many projects never get finished within budget or on time, but it doesn't have to be that way. Find out how you can get better results with less heartache. 

Is my ad spend increasing store sales?

Ad Serving
Michael Quinn

Digital advertising has opened up a whole new world of in-store marketing. Following are five new ways that brands are answering the oldest question in media.

The 3 biggest marketing attribution challenges

Industry Insider
iMedia Editors

While "last click" has been around for years, marketers now know that attribution goes much deeper and requires more insight. These are the most pressing problems facing it today.

How to get all departments on board with marketing technology

Media Planning & Buying
Matt Diehl

When it comes to purchasing tech, numerous department heads will want to give their two cents. Following are just some of the questions these parties will need answers to.

Could fraud exist in a cookie-less world?

David Cooper

Cookies are a huge part of digital advertising, but they can be highly vulnerable to attack. Here's what would happen if we deleted them for good.

Header bidding 101: What is it, and why should we care?

How is the IAB addressing programmatic?

11 brands with incredible social media strategies

Why content budgets are so hard to quantify

Viewability in programmatic media: An honest conversation

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iMedia at Ad Week: Tim Armstrong and the IAB join forces to bring diversity to the industry

Theres been a lot of buzz about diversifying the workforce as of late. Smart folks that specialize in recruiting and training...

Location As A Context Filter

I recently participated in a panel for Mobile Media Summit in NYC as a part of advertising week. The discussion was primarily...

Reputation We All Have One

Reputation - whether is truly reflects who we are or not - we all have one. People compare themselves to others its part of human...

Cocky or Confident? A Fine Line That Can Make or Break an Interview

A few weeks ago, I sent a candidate on an interview that didnt go very well. My client thought he was cocky and rejected him.This...

iMedia at Ad Week: The IAB Mixx

The all star lineup on day two of the IAB Mixx was primarily focused on content. Actor Seth Meyers took the stage to discuss his...

Ready. Aim. Fire.

To succeed in today's technically sophisticated marketing environment requires unprecedented collaboration between a company's CTO...

Blockchain Technology Poised to Shake Up Main Street and Wall Street

Because its still relatively new, most consumers - and marketers - probably dont have a clear understand of bitcoin. But its...

iMedia at Ad Week: Mobile Media Summit

The Mobile Media Summit kicked off Ad Week 2015 with an impressive panel of CIOs who all seemed to agree on one thing: More often...

Chinese Spend 51% of Their Smartphone Time Playing Video Games

Ever wonder what people are plucking away at on their smartphones and mobile devices at dinner, at work, crossing the street......

Fundamental visual marketing principles NOT to forget

Visual marketing is a staple in branding, and that isn't something that will ever change. After all, it has been a part of...

Knowing Your True Purpose As A Company: Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a brand that knows its true purpose, and it is evident in every aspect of the organization. Panera is simple...

Social media campaign from Naked fruit juice is socially-conscious

This is a nice, simple campaign with an added appealof generating consumer contributions.Employing the hashtag #drinkgooddogood,...

A look at the ever-changing agency model

I had a chance to sit down with Charlie Ray, president, Broad Street Co. to share his perspective with the ever-changing agency...

Ad Blockalypse Really Happened: Now What?

Last week something happened that really goes to the heart of what's occurring in the advertising industry now. If it is given the...

On taking the Graphic Novel format into Virtual Reality (A Brand Entertainment Perspective)

The Challenge:How could we make a Graphic novel readable in Virtual Reality? Would it be engaging enough or simply look like a PDF...

What My Job Search has Taught Me About FinTech and the Customer Experience

Recently, I lost my job. Since then, I have been searching for a new position in marketing management. As I conduct my search,...