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The industry's take on programmatic

Media Planning & Buying
Keith Lorizio

Take a look at how this hot marketing trend got here, what it means for the industry, and what's to come, according to a recent survey.

The next great evolution of social media marketing

Industry Insider
Doug Busk

Social is losing its spice among marketers, but it's about to be given some new fire. Discover the 2.0 version of this marketing discipline.

How your company can make changes without sacrificing results

Media Planning & Buying
Erika Weinstein

Companies must constantly adjust to their environments to stay competitive or risk becoming out-of-date. Check out how to effectively adapt.

3 ways to best use your homepage real estate

Ian McGrath

Is your website achieving its full potential? Keep these things in mind when designing your page.

5 easy tips to craft a stellar pitch

Media Planning & Buying
Annabelle Bates

It's no secret that pitching can be a tricky process, even for the seasoned professionals. Here are some tips to keep it as pain-free as possible.

The tangible ROI of doing good with your brand

15 of the most impressive ad campaigns from 2014

8 benefits of a homegrown affiliate marketing program

The growing importance of mobile optimization

Why programmatic advertising is here to stay

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People who are involved in a highly technical field often experience difficulties selling to the average person. To promote...

Technology, Progression, and Adaptation: Is Your Business Poised for Success?

The past couple years have been tough for some of the nations leading retailers. From the Target and Home Depot breaches that...

Five Tech Trends Disrupting Data-Driven Marketing in 2015

Every January at 140 Proof, we share the hottest tech trends for the year. What are the watchwords to look for in 2015? Here's the...

A Look Back at 44 Years of Email

Weve seen plenty of changes over the past 44 years, and one of the most significant changes is how email has become a staple in...

3 Steps To Sell Better Through Your Website

Every business website is geared to drive the visitor towards one objective -- this could either be gathering information about...

Native advertising is a high-end custom market

When I first heard the term Native Advertising, it was from a professional peer at an Aboriginal radio station in Toronto. I kid...

5 Reasons Your Employees Need to Get a Life

When I ask potential new hires what theyre looking for from their next job, Im amazed when they respond, work/life balance....

How to Stand Out When Everyone Claims to be Unique

I recently attended a client meeting and the topic we were discussing centered on their brand and value proposition. Within a few...

The Fusion of Personalization and Automation is Eliminating the Ask in Customer Engagement

Although the newness of Siri has long worn off, she still manages to have a strong following. When you know you need something but...

Four Marketing Tips That Can Help Ensure Your Networking Event is a Success

Networking events offer a number of benefits to business owners and staff. Not only can they help you to meet new people that you...

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Now that the busy holiday season has passed and the new year has arrived, its a great time to consider refreshing triggered...

Data and Dynamic Pricing – A New Age in Digital Retail

Amazon has been at the center of the digital retailing universe for some time now. But it hasnt always been this way, and wont be...

2 industries marketers needs to imitate

In a world where marketing touches a long list of devices, email, various platforms, and manages messaging from multiple business...

10 Lessons ABC's "Scandal" Teaches Us About Social Media

If being addicted to ABCs Scandal has taught us anything, its that the days are too long between episodes. Wouldnt that be awesome...

2 hot new marketing skill sets

Once upon a time media buyers worked hard "to buy spots and dots off of sales people, to quote Martin Cass. But, as he says, thats...