James Smith

How to successfully combine marketing and IT

Companies that successfully integrate the analytical with the creative side of business can improve the customer experience. Here's how to play nice with IT.

Bonnie Thomas

Developing smart word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing messages must be trustworthy, credible, transparent, and valuable to influence consumer behavior. But before this can happen, brands have to get some major things right.

Erika Weinstein

The difference between male and female marketers

Men and women think differently, but they still have to work together. Here's how gender comes into play at the executive level.

Eric Roach

Surviving in a content-centric world

Content marketing is no longer just a buzz phrase. It's a craft that needs to be done right. Here are a few keys to honing your skills.

Bill Schild

How brands can solve the targeting paradox

Though the attention of the average consumer is increasingly divided, most are connected more than ever. Here are three ways to influence purchase decisions through household targeting.

Heidi Browning

4 ways Pandora turns big data into smart data

While many brands are overwhelmed by big data, Pandora is doing amazing things with the information. Here are the lessons you should take from its process.

Holly Hamann

Mistakes to avoid when working with brand influencers

Having influential internet personalities endorse your brand can spread awareness and drive new customers. But you might be going about it the wrong way.

Michael Estrin

6 brands that failed as publishers

In the last few years, virtually every brand has taken on a publisher's mindset. But thinking like a publisher and winning as a publisher are two different things. Just ask these brands.

iMedia Editors

Why your brand's social strategy needs to be API-friendly

Are you tired of the clutter on social media? Here's why having an API-friendly strategy will make life easier for your brand and your customer.

Michael Estrin

How to measure content marketing success

Content marketing is all the rage. But are your metrics set up to measure success? Or is your brand just fooling itself?

Deborah Hanamura

How to build a robust content program

In today's content culture, it's essential to strip your marketing program bare and re-evaluate the skill sets needed. Here are key considerations for bottom-line results.

Jennifer Marlo

How Kellogg Company is tackling data and measurement

From implementing new technologies to bridging the gap between online and offline, marketers face digital challenges daily. In this Q&A, Aaron Fetters of Kellogg Company shares his insights on brand strategy.

Rebecca Lieb

How to conduct a content audit

A content audit is an important cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Here's how to perform a qualitative analysis of all the content on a website.

Ricardo Rojas

4 tips to create modern out-of-home experiences

Out-of-home media and emerging technology are combining for some truly unique branded experiences. Here's how you can capitalize on this new trend.

Erika Weinstein

How your brand should be giving thanks

This Thanksgiving, consider how your brand can give something back. Here's why making a difference is now an essential component of many companies' business models.

Dan Sullivan

How to partner with your brand's biggest fans

Don't make the same mistake as Nutella by taking customer-created buzz for granted. Here are three ways to collaborate with brand advocates.