Drew Hubbard

5 brands defying the "stupid man" marketing trend

The bumbling idiot male stereotype in advertising is an overused and unfunny joke. Here are the brands that are bucking the trend.

Melody Dekel

The rise of direct response native advertising

High CTR rates for native have led advertisers to adapt its use for direct response campaigns. Discover how to make this mix work for you.

Eitan Nirenberg

The shifting role of the traditional TV ad

Personalization is disrupting creative ad assets and changing the mindset of creatives and advertisers. Use this to your advantage to create meaningful campaigns that work.

Maren Elliott

Project plans are the secret to hiring the best employees

There's no way to guarantee that a candidate is perfect for the job, but there is one great way to help you make your decision. These are a few practices that you can implement in your interview process to help test applicants.

Kevin Ryan

Verizon and AOL: What does it mean?

This deal should serve as a wake-up call for anyone in the digital ad world who has been hitting the snooze button. Find out why.

Andrew Budkofsky

The truth about viewability

Publishers have a unique perspective on the impact of viewability. Read on for more insights from a different side.

Inga Johnson

What your word-of-mouth marketing is missing

An unengaged and uninterested follower is not a follower who will help your bottom line. Take a look at just two examples of brands that succeeded in brand advocate partnerships.

Reid Carr

5 things you can change to help earn a promotion

You're clocking in daily hours, but are you crafting a plan for your future? Here are some tips to take your career advancement into your own hands.

Jenne Barbour

How to market online, offline, and in-between

Marketers must make the move from mass personalization to individualization. Learn how to create these informed customer experiences with integrated data.

Drew Hubbard

5 inspirational marketing lessons from Disney

Despite its breadth, Disney can be very efficient when it comes to relating to its fans on a personal level. These are the tips that brands of any size can glean from the juggernaut.

Greg Kihlström

6 signs you don't belong in the ad industry

Ever wonder if advertising is truly the right fit for you? Here are the warning signs that should be telling you to consider a career change.

Nadav Shoval

3 kinds of content that are killing digital publishing

In our content-saturated digital landscape, the question of viewability is always looming. These oft-used methods of engagement can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Bill Sanders

How to rob your agency blind

It's time to show your new agency who is boss. Whip them into shape and get the most for your budget with these tips you don't want to miss.

Neil Coleman

6 tips for making better marketing decisions with data

It's not necessarily about how much information you have, but what you do with it. Here's how to best gather and utilize big data.

iMedia Editors

2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled

Agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

Shannon McCoy

How to build brand loyalty with college students

College students behave differently, so they buy differently. If you want to succeed with this audience, you need to connect with them in their space and their way.