David Williams

The rise of individual-centric digital marketing

We've entered the age of true people-based marketing, and there's no turning back. See what lies ahead.

Matt O'Toole

3 predictions around the future of shopping

Inspired by the imagination of great sci-fi, the following are a few possibilities regarding the evolution of shopper habits in the future.

Eddie Newquist

How to make sure tech is enhancing your live events

Incorporating technology into your event must be done carefully. To strike a good balance between dazzling new technology and genuine human connection, consider these tips when planning a live event.

Michael Civins

How to capitalize on audio advertising in a big way

The surge in podcast popularity and music streaming services has created a booming market for digital advertising. Learn what the pros are doing to make a profit in the audio sphere.

Matthew Scott

Finding the balance between authenticity and efficiency

As programmatic takes over, it's important to remember the power of personalized experiences. Here's why efficiency shouldn't be your only goal.

David Zaleski

5 epic rebranding fails

Discover the major brands that attempted complete overhauls -- with disastrous results.

Kevin Ryan

10 things you should never do in a pitch

iMedia's Best 2015 Content: Winning new business is a challenge at any agency, and when pitches go awry, it's helpful to understand why. Here are some common mistakes made when courting new clients.

Will Cohen

5 ways to enhance in-store shopping with mobile

Now more than ever, mobile is becoming the missing puzzle piece in the shopping experience. See how marketers should leverage the technology in-store.

Jim Nichols

The 4 steps to uniting mobile and PC customer data

Customers are way ahead of most brands when it comes to using mobile to achieve goals. Take a look at the challenge of combining PC and mobile data, and how to make it happen in your organization.

Drew Hubbard

5 brands defying the "stupid man" marketing trend

The bumbling idiot male stereotype in advertising is an overused and unfunny joke. Here are the brands that are bucking the trend.

Melody Dekel

The rise of direct response native advertising

High CTR rates for native have led advertisers to adapt its use for direct response campaigns. Discover how to make this mix work for you.

Eitan Nirenberg

The shifting role of the traditional TV ad

Personalization is disrupting creative ad assets and changing the mindset of creatives and advertisers. Use this to your advantage to create meaningful campaigns that work.

Maren Elliott

Project plans are the secret to hiring the best employees

There's no way to guarantee that a candidate is perfect for the job, but there is one great way to help you make your decision. These are a few practices that you can implement in your interview process to help test applicants.

Kevin Ryan

Verizon and AOL: What does it mean?

This deal should serve as a wake-up call for anyone in the digital ad world who has been hitting the snooze button. Find out why.

Andrew Budkofsky

The truth about viewability

Publishers have a unique perspective on the impact of viewability. Read on for more insights from a different side.

Reid Carr

5 things you can change to help earn a promotion

You're clocking in daily hours, but are you crafting a plan for your future? Here are some tips to take your career advancement into your own hands.