Anthony Iacovone

3 new location-based marketing tactics

When it's done right, mobile location-based targeting provides a unique opportunity for marketers to reach consumers. Take a look at the pros and cons of the latest techniques.

Michael Glass

A better way to use beacons

Targeting consumers based on location has largely been seen as push marketing, but the potential exists for a more effective path. Here's what you need to know.

Nick Narodny

5 location-based tools for non-local brands

Without a local presence, non-local brands run the risk of becoming strangers to consumers. Here are the social media tools to give your brand a personal touch.

Joseph Bruemmer

Why consumers can't find you online

A recent study found that 61 percent of consumers searching for business information believe local search provides the most relevant results. Here's why your company needs a strong presence on local sites.

Cate Carley

The opportunity retail marketers are missing

National retailers are missing an enormous opportunity by not taking advantage of localized advertising through digital channels. Here's a guide to driving foot traffic and sales this holiday season.

Mike Merrill

10 ways local businesses can create the right content

What kinds of content should your business build to reach more customers? Use these marketing tips to gain their attention.

Daisy Whitney

Getting into the hyperlocal online ad business

Big media companies are setting up local shops and hope to win ad dollars as a result. In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney looks at the opportunities and pitfalls of hyperlocal online business.

Shane Vaughan

Channels that will drive the local marketing revolution

New and evolving channels are redefining the relationship between small businesses and their customers. See what trends you should be tracking.

David Staas

How advertisers will thrive on location-based ads

Location-based applications are starting to make their mark as a powerful marketing tool. Here are some great tips for helping your brand check in with audiences.

Tom Crandall

How to protect your brand from bad business reviews

Local business reviews have the potential to help or harm your brand. Are you prepared to engage your customers at the front lines of social media?

Drew Hubbard

3 common challenges of local blogging

Hyper-local blogs offer deep consumer connections, but they're not without problems. Follow these tips to get around some common roadblocks.

Jeff Cannon

The 3 key personalities of the online consumer

Tailoring your brand message for the different mindsets online can create an ongoing conversation that turns general consumers into paying customers, and paying customers into brand loyalists. Here's how.

How to hit home with your local advertising

How to hit home with your local advertising

Find out how local businesses can avoid the media dinosaurs and still win big in their regional markets, with the help of the latest online tools for localized campaigns.

Kevin M. Ryan

The path to effective local advertising

See how accepted thinking about small- and medium-sized businesses needs to shift to leverage local platforms and exchange models.

Kevin Lee

5 success factors for local businesses

In this episode of Marketing Obsessions with Kevin Lee, WebVisible CMO Kevin Ryan explains how local businesses need to react to the digital world to keep ahead of the competition.

Court Cunningham

Find the growing value in local

Forecasts for online ad revenue look grim, but the local segment is thriving instead of shrinking. Find out how to take advantage.