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iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: SheKnows, Vevo, and Sizmek

Mintz + Hoke makes a new hire, ZeroFOX will exhibit at Black Hat 2014, and Guardian News & Media names a new CEO of Guardian US.

Michael Estrin

Blogs every marketer should follow

There's no shortage of great voices coming out of the marketing industry. Here are the essential blogs you should be reading and why.

Kathryn Sloane

Brands that won new customers through shared values

Connecting with customers on a meaningful level builds the strongest relationships. Here's what you can learn from Jell-O, Dove, and Honey Maid.

Erika Weinstein

Why you should be taking more breaks

Although many professionals leave vacation days unused, this practice could be sabotaging productivity. Here's why recharging your battery is so essential.

Jona Mici

5 characteristics to assess when testing a DSP

Companies now have the flexibility to work with one or many DSPs, but the breadth of options has made choosing the right partners difficult. Here's how to vet a technology to determine its value.

Jim Nichols

7 ways consumers are inspiring retailers to change

These days, retailers must be innovative if they are going to meet customer expectations. Here's how to please the always-on consumer.

Rebecca Lieb

What is a digital newsroom?

Brands, agencies, and PR firms are now touting digital newsrooms for a variety of purposes. Here is the one defining principle they all share.

Josh Breinlinger

3 content marketing lessons from startups

Content marketing is all the rage. But is your company doing it right? Here are takeaways from startup leaders to get you on track.

Joseph Carrabis

7 proven ways that facial cognition can drive business

Facial cognition sounds like elusive jargon, but can be a powerful marketing tool. Here are insights taken from a new consumer study.

Jaime Singson

Why brands are missing out on agile advertising

Everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of what's currently trending, but not all brands are willing to take the associated risks. Here's why agile advertising should not be overlooked.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: NBCUniversal, Deutsch LA, and Victorious

Datonics expands its partnership with VivaKi, DigiTrust announces its official launch, and The Trade Desk makes a new hire.

Kiril Tsemekhman

How to overcome the uncertainty of programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is like fortune telling: It's based on predictions that might not be accurate. Here's how to use the unknown to your advantage.

Arthur Sweetser

Myths about real-time marketing

Many marketers' opinions about real-time marketing are based on misconceptions. Here are the truths you can use in developing your strategy.

Anna Johansson

Idiots that forced brands to pull their sponsorships

It only takes one moron to ruin an important partnership. Here's a list of sponsorship deals that blew up in brands' faces.

Jim Lucas

How marketers can feed off of consumers' curiosity

Capturing consumer intrigue is a valuable marketing tactic, if used correctly. Here's how to spark interest to build stronger brand relationships.

Joseph Carrabis

6 reasons you should stop pretending to be a thought leader

When it comes to preparing for your next client presentation, forget the rhetoric style of your favorite public speaker. Here's how to keep it simple and avoid ruining your pitch.