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Julie Wittes Schlack

Honing your customer intuition

It takes more than just data to make a good decision. Here's how listening to your gut can help your business succeed.

Matt Diehl

The importance of hiring for culture fit

It isn't enough just to have experience -- a potential employee must thrive in your company's atmosphere in order to succeed. Guarantee a good fit by asking these questions during interviews.

Spencer Kollas

How contextual messaging affects your strategy

Reaching your customers with the right message at the right time is crucial, but building the right strategy isn't always clear. Here are the challenges that marketers need to consider.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: 451 Research, RetailMeNot, and Verndale

AOL announced a new partnership, DDB Stockholm created a grant, and Tapad made a new hire.

Jay Friedman

7 consumer trends marketers are forgetting about

Consumer preferences can change faster than you might think. Here are the opportunities marketers are missing out on.

Nick Worth

Bringing marketers and buyers together

Differences in data, incentives, and metrics have created a costly divide between our two parallel worlds. Learn how we can work to close the gap.

Michelle Kruse

8 resume essentials for the content marketing professional

Marketers are uniquely positioned to craft a resume that gets noticed. Find out how to leverage your talents to land an interview.

Brian Kelly

5 ways to relieve data exhaustion

With access to unlimited amounts of data, it can be difficult for marketers to sift through to what really matters. Here's how to avoid falling into the trap of data paralysis.

Michael Estrin

6 marketing lessons from Amazon

You shop at Amazon. Your brand probably sells on Amazon. But if you want to learn something about marketing, Amazon also has plenty of lessons for you.

Geoff Wilson

Stop managing and start leading your agency

So many projects never get finished within budget or on time, but it doesn't have to be that way. Find out how you can get better results with less heartache. 

Matt Diehl

How to get all departments on board with marketing technology

When it comes to purchasing tech, numerous department heads will want to give their two cents. Following are just some of the questions these parties will need answers to.

Tom Hespos

3 prescription drug ads that broke the mold

Most people don't think of pharmaceutical advertisements as innovative, but the best campaigns depart from the usual formula. Here are the ads every marketer can learn from.

Johanna Pesso

Header bidding 101: What is it, and why should we care?

Now is the time to take a look at header bidding and what this new technology means for the industry.

Rebecca Lieb

Why content budgets are so hard to quantify

Content is essential for digital strategies, but determining who should cover its cost isn't easy.

Jason Burnham

5 important ways to improve customer experience

In this digital age it's easy to forget that there are actually people behind the screens. See how to make the most of your digital interactions with these tips.

Ben Plomion

Measuring success in the age of programmatic video

When it comes to analyzing campaign success, simple metrics won't cut it. Here's what else you need to focus on.