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Jay Wilson

Why wearable technology hasn't hit the mainstream

As marketers await a wearable device breakthrough, consumers remain skeptical. Here are the key factors that need to align.

Reid Carr

The marketing jobs with the fastest turnover

In marketing, high employee turnover seems unavoidable. Here are the people most likely to jump ship and tips for increasing the length of their employment.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Beckon, PK4 Media, and Latinum Network

Vevo extends its partnership with Yahoo, ROKKAN makes three new hires, and Waterfall expands its sales team.

Mike Mothner

Rethinking the human element in your marketing program

Algorithms are monopolizing the search and marketing processes, but it's time to fight back. Here's how to beat the robots that have hijacked the industry.

You Mon Tsang

Marketing automation: Friend or foe?

Do the benefits of marketing automation outweigh the concerns? Here's what you need to know.

Rebecca Lieb

Why content marketers are choosing the wrong solutions

There is a fundamental disconnect between what content marketers need and what they invest in. Here's how they should actually be selecting software tools.

Drew Hubbard

Marketing jargon translated for normal people

We all know marketers have a problem with silly buzzwords and ridiculously flowery language. If you want your mother to understand what you do for a living, try explaining it like this.

Joseph Carrabis

6 steps for getting your brand into their heads

What if you were able to tap into the natural tendencies of your audience's brains? Well, now you can. Here's a simple recipe for crafting your message so it sticks.

Eric Roach

5 keys to a successful employee advocacy program

Appointing brand ambassadors within your company sends a powerful message. But before handing over the social media microphone to your employees, consider these factors.

Erika Weinstein

How to keep your employees inspired

In order for your company to be successful, everyone needs to stay eager and engaged. Here's how to keep your team motivated.

Barry Lowenthal

The top marketing companies accelerating tech trends

For digital service providers, it's essential to stay relevant to the latest technology. Here are the important trends and companies to watch.

Ran Sarig

4 ways to enhance cross-channel marketing

Media planners today are able to reach their desired target audiences in many ways, regardless of the channel or device. Here's how to take full advantage of cross-channel opportunities.

Morgan Vawter

The top 4 consumer trends you need to know

For marketers, everything begins and ends with the customer. Here are today's most actionable consumer preferences and behaviors.

Sean Cheyney

The 5 types of terrible networkers

If you've been to any industry event, you've likely encountered a number of common characters. Here are the ones you shouldn't emulate.

Eric Picard

The buyer's role in shaping programmatic's future

All media buying and selling is becoming programmatic. Here's why buyer demands are likely to win out over publisher desires.

David Zaleski

15 daily workplace habits that could get you fired

There are things you might do every day that could get you canned. Here are the pitfalls to avoid if you want to keep your job.