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Thomas Moyer

The most difficult agency talents to cultivate

Hiring the right agency employee takes more than just finding someone with all the necessary job skills. Here are some of the more elusive qualities that make a difference.

J Barbush

10 easy ways to get promoted at your agency

Not sure how to take your career to the next level? Scoring a promotion might be simpler than you think. Here's how to get noticed at your agency.

Rebecca Lieb

The content software awareness problem

Brands are surprisingly in the dark about the available tools for content marketing initiatives. Here's why the industry needs to close the awareness gap.

Heidi Browning

5 best music-brand partnerships

Music is a universal language that creates emotional connections. Find out how marketers can use it to develop a solid strategy.

Michael Zarcone

The merits of proactive advertising technology

Online trends continually change, and we're often limited to tech that's already on its way out. See why we need to stop looking to short-sighted solutions.

Satish Polisetti

3 steps to add authenticity to your ad equation

One recent campaign has shown us that an authentic approach trumps all others. Follow these methods for genuine advertising that speaks to your audience.

Jay Levenger

The art and science of customer persuasion

Establishing a real connection with consumers is crucial. These principles of persuasion will help.

Jay Friedman

The best ways to create repeat customers

Marketers know the importance of targeting new customers, but sometimes they forget to build relationships. Here's how to turn a one-time customer into a brand loyalist.

Jay Stampfl

4 reasons to manage search and shopping together

Businesses can reap some serious benefits by combining SEM and Google Shopping campaigns. See how these efforts can alleviate your marketing stress.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Deep Focus, Kwittken, and Vizeum

MobileBridge announced a new functionality in its platform, Reader's Digest Association partnered with Priceline Partner Network, and Magnetic made a new hire.

Keith Ahern

3 rich media ad executions you need to know

Consumers require content that is compatible across all devices. Look into these possible methods for creating rich media creative for multiple channels.

Steve Callanan

Video, mobile, and interactivity: The new trifecta driving ROI

Advertisers need to integrate brand engagement within existing content to better reach viewers. Check out some new findings about mobile and video to help boost your engagement.

Simon Harris

Turn inevitable website errors into invaluable insights

Website errors are not beyond marketers' realm of responsibility. Find out how your team can actually gain something valuable from technical glitches.

Souptik Datta

The truth behind user attention

There are still many unknowns when it comes to gauging the rate at which users are paying attention to ads. This is what we do know.

Mark Yeager

4 unique ways to build relationships with account-based marketing

When it comes to growth, it's essential to focus on deepening the current relationships with existing client companies. Check out these tips to help you expand.

Stephen Howard-Sarin

Learn to love digital advertising's walled gardens

The mobile ad world's big names are protecting the consumer data you need. An ad expert at eBay offers these tips to help you pick and choose the media you buy.