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Jag Duggal

Real-time bidding 201

Let's delve further into the subject of RTB by examining different methods with which to reach your audience, and how they work together to drive sales.

Michael Estrin

This year's 6 best summer blockbuster campaigns

If you want to know which summer flicks are successful, check the box office. If you want to know which films are good, go see them. And if you want to know which campaigns cut through the noise of blockbuster season, read on.

Kiran Gopinath

The ABCs for avoiding ad fraud loss

Ad fraud will cost an estimated $6.3 billion loss in 2015. Here's how to avoid it.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Vizy, Framestore, and Soundcloud

The Trade Desk announced a new partnership, Madison Logic Data went through a rebrand, and Verve Mobile made a new hire.

Rebecca Lieb

Content marketing's chicken and egg budget problem

As content marketing grows up, so too must the staff behind it. Let's take a look at how budgets and organizational structures must evolve.

Diana Adair

6 ways to get creative with swag

If you want to woo clients and vendors, you need to think outside the box. These are just a few ways you can create unforgettable favors they'll want to keep.

iMedia Editors

9 reasons your startup can exist anywhere

If you think you have to be in Silicon Valley for your startup to soar, you are mistaken. Here's why.

Eric Krattenstein

What is the real cost of email marketing?

Though the price may seem low in comparison to other methods, there are many things that can go wrong in email marketing. Here are four potential problems and their possible solutions.

Ana Milicevic

5 tips for delighting the customer who is always "on"

These days, consumers are constantly on the move, and you need to be prepared to reach them wherever they are. Read on for five tips for bringing your marketing strategy into the 2015 digital marketplace.

David Mennie

Go home, native advertising!

Telling personal stories has proven to be the best way to engage potential consumers. Learn from these examples of brands that are doing right.

Dea Lawrence

10 job hunting myths you still believe

Believing any one of the following misconceptions can cost you that perfect position. Stop letting these common myths hold you back.

Rebecca Lieb

Content strategy is not permanent

Many marketers believe that established strategies are set in stone, but content should regularly be reexamined and redirected to address priorities. Find out how, why, and when you need to shake things up.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Unilever Foundry, Hawthorne Direct, and clypd

Sizmek released a report, AIS Media launched a new app, and MODCo Group made some new hires.

Victoria Godfrey

4 steps to building a strong CMO-CIO relationship

When marketing and IT professionals work together, issues can arise. Here are a few ways to create a healthy partnership that benefits the entire company.

Erika Weinstein

Your guide to work-from-home policies

Virtual offices are growing in popularity and demand, but are they right for you? Check out the potential benefits and drawbacks of working remotely.

Sean X

How advertising ruined publishing

Publishing used to be man's greatest accomplishment -- until advertising came around. Here's how the latter took over.