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Erika Weinstein

How to avoid hiring an empty suit

We've all encountered employees who have made it to the corner office but aren't able to maintain the position effectively. Find out how to keep these false leaders from running your business.

Justin Gray

4 things to consider before adopting new technology

Feeling pressure to adopt the latest technology but not sure if it's right for your company? Fear not. Here's a stress-free method for investing in or rejecting new technology with confidence.

Drew Hubbard

It's a trap! 5 job interview trick questions

When you're up for your dream job and a curve ball is thrown your way, what can you do? Check out these tips for addressing those sticky situations and landing the gig you want.

Denise E. Zimmerman

How to prevent the failure of marketing's future

The gap between our industry's needs and available talent is significant. Find out the steps we should all take to prepare the next generation of our leadership.

Lauren Friedman

10 great ads that went viral

Creating a unique and memorable ad takes a lot of work and a little bit of luck. Here are 10 that hit it out of the ballpark.

Andrew Underwood

The transfer of knowledge: A guide for digital marketers

Getting a new hire up to speed can be daunting, but it's worth the extra effort to do it right. Check out these tips for a smooth transition.

Michael Estrin

7 topics marketers are afraid to discuss

No topic is truly taboo in marketing, but many important topics get short shrift in industry circles. Find out which subjects we all need to talk about more.

Pam Sahota

The pitfalls of influencer marketing

Partnering with a big name for your campaign is exciting, but your hard work may mean nothing if you don't tell your story wisely. Learn what mistakes to avoid. 

Aaron Goodin

5 essential small business digital marketing tools

Online campaigns don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Find out how to maximize your budget and your time with these important resources.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Bitly, StartApp, and Genesis Media

Telerik has a new release, BlueConic introduced Contextual Dialogues, and Maxifier made a new hire.

Jeff Ferguson

What the ad agency will look like in 2020

A lot can happen in five years. If you're an agency and want to thrive, some vital changes must be made. Here's a look at how the agency will adapt for the future.

Paul Gregory

3 ways to become indispensable at your organization

Are you doing everything you can to maintain and increase your value as an employee? Discover what you might be missing.

Reid Carr

15 ways to avoid rookie marketing mistakes

Many young marketers, fresh from college, are being thrust into the driver's seat of some very important marketing programs. Here's how they can succeed.

Alyson Schonholz

3 ways to keep your brand relevant

Looking for a way to keep your brand relevant in the minds of consumers? Integrate these strategies into your marketing plan.

Rebecca Lieb

4 pillars of recombinant content

Is your brand keeping up with consumers in this fast-paced, multiscreen world? Find out what you need to know to make the most of your content in this dawn of a new media era.

Steve Yi

Making RTB advertising a dynamic force in lead generation

When it comes to this advertising staple, the details can make all the difference. Find out more about why you need to examine your campaigns closely.