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The Digital Dispatch: Digital Pulp, OpenX, and Wizeline

Inuxu launched a new marketplace, PK4 Media revealed a new product, and INNOCEAN USA made a new hire.

Nick Rojas

5 myths about telecommuting

Telecommuting is not as easy and carefree as it may seem. Check out these myths that need to be busted.

Anna Johansson

The NFL teams with the best marketing this season

Even if you're not a football fan, you can't help but admire the marketing efforts behind the following NFL teams.

Dan Toth

How to not ruin relationships with content creators

If an agency is smart, it will act as the steward between the brand and the influencer. Check out this case study, and learn from this brand's big mistake.

Anna Johansson

12 of the best brand partnerships

When two companies team up, it's not always a good match. Here are some brands that managed to succeed together.

Keith Lorizio

The industry's take on programmatic

Take a look at how this hot marketing trend got here, what it means for the industry, and what's to come, according to a recent survey.

David Zaleski

21 profound quotes that will change the way you market

We all need a little inspiration to do our jobs well. Read on for some timeless advice that could improve your marketing career.

Erika Weinstein

How your company can make changes without sacrificing results

Companies must constantly adjust to their environments to stay competitive or risk becoming out-of-date. Check out how to effectively adapt.

Annabelle Bates

5 easy tips to craft a stellar pitch

It's no secret that pitching can be a tricky process, even for the seasoned professionals. Here are some tips to keep it as pain-free as possible.

iMedia Editors

15 of the most impressive ad campaigns from 2014

Before you completely forget about last year, check out these inspiring campaigns hand picked by a group of marketing professionals.

Chloe Della Costa

How to fix the ad industry's diversity problem

When it comes to a diverse workforce, the ad industry hasn't made much progress since the "Mad Men" era. Here's how to address the diversity problem.

Ashish Mistry

8 benefits of a homegrown affiliate marketing program

Using an outside source to implement an affiliate program for your company is effective, but creating one in-house is a better option. Find out how to build your own.

Keith Lorizio

Why programmatic advertising is here to stay

Programmatic is becoming more mainstream than ever, and now there's data to prove  it. Check out this new study reinforcing the rapid growth.

Rebecca Lieb

4 digital media trends to follow this year

There are exciting things ahead in technology, channels, and advertising. Don't miss out on these areas that you should be watching with interest before they hit their peaks.

Paige O’Neill

How small data leads to big brand advocates

Although personal data is a commodity for brands, it's easy to lose valuable consumers through general tracking. Find out why the details matter most.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: The Goss Agency, mono, and Upshot

Latin3 is expanding globally, MEC announced a new partnership, and Vdopia made a new hire.