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David U. Simon

The dangerous implications of native advertising for brands

Native ads are all the rage, but successful campaigns require a nuanced approach that preserves brand value. Here's an overview of what makes this innovative ad medium tick and what to avoid.

Grant Halloran

7 rules for providing an excellent customer experience

In order to give today's consumers what they want, marketers need to shift focus from campaign-oriented marketing to real-time marketing. Here are the best tips for success.

Stacy Thompson

11 tools that make content marketing a snap

There's no magic bullet for achieving content marketing success. However, the following tools will make your efforts a whole lot easier.

Rebecca Lieb

How to foster a culture of content

The highest goal of content marketing is to actually monetize content, but that isn't in the cards for every brand. Here's why you should focus on evangelizing.

Drew Hubbard

5 pieces of content marketing you can create today

Looking to break the marketing equivalent of writer's block? Tap into one of these simple concepts to get your creative juices flowing and create valuable brand content.

David Zaleski

The 10 most disrespectful 9/11 ads

Although marketers have tried, taking advantage of Sept. 11 just doesn't work. Here are the most offensive attempts.

Paige O'Neill

Why you should include Millennials in your marketing strategy

With shifting behaviors and consumption patterns, the Millennial generation has changed the way brands present their content. Here's why you should keep them in mind when crafting your strategy.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Telerik, Millward Brown, and TotallyHer

Refinery29 makes four new hires, YuMe and release a joint study on consumer TV habits, and Optimove launches the latest version of its SaaS solution.

Krista Olson

Content marketing that will get attacked by trolls

Internet trolls can wreak havoc on your marketing efforts. Before making your next content move, consider the following.

Frank Gothmann

3 content marketing lessons for B2B marketers

A recent study found that less than 5 percent of B2B marketers who own a content marketing strategy reported successful campaigns. Here are the most important tips to consider.

Erika Goldwater

5 ways to produce content that drives revenue

If your content results are falling flat in the ROI department, it's time rethink your strategy. Here are tips to optimize your efforts.

Kyle Montero

Marketers confess: What I wish I knew 5 years ago

If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Here's a look at what nine top marketers wish they would have understood about the industry.

Drew Neisser

The 8 fastest ways to make consumers hate your brand

If a brand is looking to piss off its customer base, committing sinful ineptitudes is a good place to start. Here's a list of practices to avoid.

Matt Bennett

6 ways to regain control of your brand's digital shelf

With the online retail market expected to hit $1.5 trillion, e-commerce can no longer be a second priority. Here's how to make online and offline experiences synonymous for consumers.

Chuck Job

The ultimate strategy for building customer loyalty

The best brands keep the consumer at the center of everything. Here's what you need to know to stay on top.

Kent Lewis

The dirtiest jobs in digital marketing

A job's a job -- but some jobs are much worse than others. Here are roles even the heartiest of marketers would decline.