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iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Kahuna, Tahzoo, and VideoAmp

Drawbridge announced a new partnership, Magnetic announced a new merger, and GumGum made a new appointment.

Jamie Stewart

Television's changing landscape

With shifting trends in how people consume television, it can be difficult to stay current. This is what brands and advertisers need to know.

Kiran Gopinath

Marketing tips for summer travel season

Mid-sized advertisers in travel, hospitality, and e-commerce have a unique opportunity to compete with the giants. Read on for six tips to stand out this summer.

Michelle Kruse

Warning signs that you're lacking as a manager

Being a manager doesn't automatically mean that you're a leader. Take a look at where you may be falling short and what to do about it.

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer

The evolving role of content in the digital experience

As marketers continue to look for ways to improve their value, they need to do more than just manage content. See how you can fine-tune your content strategy for maximum results.

Jay Friedman

10 little-known facts about media planning

The landscape of media planning changes daily, and it can be hard to keep up with what matters. Here are some insights from a veteran in the field.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Forensiq, PK4 Media, and Socialtyze

Celtra Inc. has entered into a new partnership, Oban Digital released a report, and Code and Theory promoted a new partner.

Robert Glazer

The challenges of managing a successful international affiliate program

Utilizing a single-point affiliate marketing agency is likely your best bet for achieving global results for your brand. This is why you should consider a hub-and-spoke approach.

Rick Liebling

What modern marketers can learn from Silver Age superheroes

Succeeding in the marketing world requires a special kind of person. Do you have what it takes to uphold truth and justice -- and to prosper as a professional?

Vitaly Pecherskiy

Will existing attribution models work for native advertising?

The path to purchase is generally the same for banner ads vs. native advertising, but the latter is gaining traction. In order to measure its effectiveness, we might need to change how we measure success.

Keith Lorizio

How to solve programmatic's brand problem

Resisting change is futile -- and may cost you serious revenue. Here are three reasons why your brand needs to embrace programmatic right now.

Michael Estrin

This year's 6 best summer blockbuster campaigns

If you want to know which summer flicks are successful, check the box office. If you want to know which films are good, go see them. And if you want to know which campaigns cut through the noise of blockbuster season, read on.

Jag Duggal

Real-time bidding 201

Let's delve further into the subject of RTB by examining different methods with which to reach your audience, and how they work together to drive sales.

Kiran Gopinath

The ABCs for avoiding ad fraud loss

Ad fraud will cost an estimated $6.3 billion loss in 2015. Here's how to avoid it.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Vizy, Framestore, and Soundcloud

The Trade Desk announced a new partnership, Madison Logic Data went through a rebrand, and Verve Mobile made a new hire.

Rebecca Lieb

Content marketing's chicken and egg budget problem

As content marketing grows up, so too must the staff behind it. Let's take a look at how budgets and organizational structures must evolve.