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Blake Del Hoyo

4 ways to leverage customer reviews online

Online reviews are crucial to a brand's success. But are you using them to their fullest potential? Here's how to wisely gather and use reviews.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Live Nation, Kwittken, and JW Player

G/O Digital releases a new study on Facebook Advertising, Sizmek announces the acquisition of Aerify Media, and Deutsch LA makes a new hire.

Greg Kihlström

5 marketing tools you're using too much

It's time to rethink your old habits. Here are the common tactics that you're now abusing and some alternative methods to consider.

Anna Johansson

5 popular cloud technologies that once failed

If you're ready to embrace shared technology, you have to do your homework. Here's a guide to help you choose the best option for your business.

Lori Luechtefeld

Agencies under attack: How the middle man must evolve

Agencies have always faced competitive threats, but today's media landscape is perhaps the most challenging yet. Let's take a look at the greatest pressures and how embattled executives can adapt. 

iMedia Editors

7 sales pitch tactics that actually work

If you're not prepared, approaching a potential client can be a missed opportunity. Here are tips to help seal the deal.

Neil Chaudhari

The 4 types of digital agencies

It can sometimes be difficult to know which agency is right for you. Here's the information you need to make an informed decision.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: StartApp, ChoiceStream, and AddThis

Velocity premieres a new TV show, WapStart partners with Celtra, and Project: WorldWide acquires Pitch.

David Murdico

8 reasons to love the ad industry right now

No, you probably don't get to smoke cigarettes and drink martinis in the office all day, but it's still easy to make a case for working in advertising. Here's why the world of marketing still rocks.

Rebecca Lieb

7 steps to determine content marketing software needs

As marketers navigate a growing universe of tools and technologies for content marketing, they must be aware of their specific needs. Here are the factors to consider.

Kane Russell

What's necessary for the future of customer marketing

To achieve success with branded content, marketers need consumers to take action. Here's how today's tactics need to evolve.

Dea Lawrence

9 inspiring ads that broke down stereotypes

Many brands are using advertising to combat antiquated perceptions. Here's a look at those innovative companies.

Betsy Farber

3 rebranding lessons from Miley Cyrus

Take it from the princess of pop: Changing your image isn't easy. Here's what any brand can glean from this marketing wrecking ball.

Reid Carr

Marketing skills they don't teach in school

Though you may have learned a lot in college, there are certain skills you only acquire after graduation. Here's what you must learn on the job.

Michael Estrin

The biggest moves in native advertising

Need to get up to speed on native? Here are the most important players and trends shaping the space.

Justin Foster

How to build video into an omni-channel strategy

Creating high-quality videos and incorporating them into an omni-channel commerce initiative isn't always easy, but it can be highly effective. Here are the requirements for success.