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David Zaleski

The best use of sex in marketing

Sex sells. Here are four brands owning this strategy to stimulate the public.

Jason Appelbaum

The key to digital advertising success

There's an important advertising component that desperately requires more of the industry's attention. Make sure you're not overlooking this significant player.   

Karen Koslow

Succeeding in a coupon-crazy world

Is our consumers' affinity for snatching up deals wherever they can destroying brand loyalty? You can offer great deals and maintain a long-term customer base by following these suggestions.

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Marketing your brand to the Boomer consumer

Baby Boomers are redefining what it means to be "senior." It's time for advertisers to embrace this energetic, youthful perception.

Neil Coleman

The CMO's guide to programmatic

As programmatic continues to take over, understanding the landscape becomes more and more crucial. Here's what you need to know.

Joe Staples

How to empower your teams to say "no"

Pushing back is sometimes necessary for the benefit of the department, the company, and your own sanity. Check out these tips for knowing when to put on the brakes. 

Becca Bleznak

7 ways to impress your clients

There's more to winning over clientele than wining and dining them. Following are some hot tips from agency professionals who know how to keep their clients happy.

iMedia Editors

Surprising best practices for advertising on Twitter

Twitter has been around for more than nine years now, but many advertisers aren't aware of all its features. Find out how to unlock its potential.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: GSD&M, BBH, and Viewbix

Evolve Media LLC acquired Martini Media, Centro announced new integrations, and Verve Mobile announced a new appointment.

Lauren Friedman

5 smart ads that celebrate real American families

Advertisers spent decades appealing to a "traditional" family, but now brands have a chance to stand out. These campaigns show the true uniqueness of each American household.

Jim Nichols

9 m-commerce apps you need to see

Move over, gaming. Retail is taking over your mobile space. Check out these apps that are changing the face of mobile commerce.

Lynn Ingham

6 suggestions for hiring better employees

From title changes to entirely new job descriptions, it can be difficult to keep up. These are just a few rules candidates and businesses alike can follow to improve the hiring process.

Raj Beri

How to more effectively target travelers

Travel is expected to increase this year as the economy recovers. Take a look at these tips for reaching this adventurous crowd.

Graham Nelson

3 questions you should be asking your agency

When evaluating an agency, don't lose sight of the most important issues. Here's how to spot an effective partner in the digital age.

Ari Buchalter

The other half of the battle against fraud

Digital advertisers are coming up against bots at every turn. Swap your guess-based marketing for goal-based marketing, and see where your programmatic approach can take you.

Rich Kahn

4 sneaky publisher tricks

With the anonymity of the internet, fraudsters can hide behind screens and prey on unsuspecting individuals and businesses. Take a look at some of the shadiest publisher moves online.