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Barry Lowenthal

The top marketing companies accelerating tech trends

For digital service providers, it's essential to stay relevant to the latest technology. Here are the important trends and companies to watch.

Morgan Vawter

The top 4 consumer trends you need to know

For marketers, everything begins and ends with the customer. Here are today's most actionable consumer preferences and behaviors.

Ran Sarig

4 ways to enhance cross-channel marketing

Media planners today are able to reach their desired target audiences in many ways, regardless of the channel or device. Here's how to take full advantage of cross-channel opportunities.

Sean Cheyney

The 5 types of terrible networkers

If you've been to any industry event, you've likely encountered a number of common characters. Here are the ones you shouldn't emulate.

David Zaleski

15 daily workplace habits that could get you fired

There are things you might do every day that could get you canned. Here are the pitfalls to avoid if you want to keep your job.

Eric Picard

The buyer's role in shaping programmatic's future

All media buying and selling is becoming programmatic. Here's why buyer demands are likely to win out over publisher desires.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Pheed, Nomi, and BrightRoll

The CMO Club announces the 2014 CMO Awards, Operative makes a new hire, and The Media Rating Council lifts its advisory on viewable impressions for display ads.

Neil Mody

3 ways to avoid being a petty click-bait marketer

Of course you want your readers to click on and engage with your content. But where is the line between true attention-grabbing content and mere click bait?

David Murdico

Top 10 trends marketers wish would die

It's easy to ride new trends, but knowing when to abandon ship is hard. Here are major marketing trends that should be ditched.

Emily Holdman

A guide for marketers who want to become free agents

Free agency holds great potential for the right person in the right context. For others, going rogue can be disastrous. Consider the following before ditching traditional employment.

Dax Hamman

How ad tech partners should support agencies

Today's campaigns are often optimized by a media partner, leaving some brands wondering about the agency's role. Here's why it's unwise for vendors to bypass agencies.

Constance Aguilar

4 funny content marketing moves

Integrating humor with your content marketing can be extremely effective. Check out these brands whose risky campaigns paid off in hilarious ways.

Michael Estrin

How marketers are wasting their budgets

Your budget isn't unlimited, so don't throw away valuable marketing dollars. Here are seven spending mistakes you're making and how to correct them.

Rebecca Sleeman

New and exciting ways brands can use Pinterest

Brands savvy to the marketing potential of Pinterest are leveraging the site to generate engaging experiences for consumers. Here's a look at the ways top companies are experimenting with the evolving platform.

Jag Duggal

Real-time bidding 101

Although RTB has revolutionized advertising and created more efficient practices, it can still be mystifying -- even to the most seasoned professionals. Let's brush up on the basics.

Rebecca Lieb

Why content marketing doesn't need to tell a story

When it comes to content, the narrative form is not as important as you might think. Here's how effective marketing goes way beyond storytelling.