Krista Chacko

The most overrated platforms for mobile marketing

Beloved platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter aren't necessarily powerful marketing solutions. Here's why these sites are overrated for mobile marketing.

Jordan Greene

How to save your neglected mobile website

Too many brands are focusing solely on apps. Here's how to stop the damage caused by your mobile site.

Anna Johansson

A 3-point guide for mobile web development

Mobile usage increases daily. Is your brand paying attention? Here's how to give customers what they demand.

Joseph Pigato

How to romance your mobile consumers

The relationships between people and their phones are intimate ones. Here's how marketers can take advantage of this in a genuine way.

Thomas Moyer

Why you shouldn't treat mobile like display

If your mobile ad strategy looks anything like your web strategy, you have a problem. Here's how to stay ahead of the curve.

Brandt Dainow

Responsive design vs. mobile websites: And the winner is...

Should you build a dedicated mobile site or recode your main site into a responsive design? The sensible answer might surprise you.

Cezar Kolodziej

The 5 worst mobile marketing mistakes that brands make

It's your job as a marketer to ensure a seamless customer journey, and much of that journey is mobile these days. Here are the common pitfalls and how to bypass them.

Yory Wurmser

Why proximity marketing is valuable for retail

Hyperlocal tracking can identify precisely where shoppers are in stores. Here's how marketers should be using beacons and other proximity technologies.

Brian Wong

3 companies genuinely marketing to moms on mobile

Moms know they are a prime target for brands. So how do you win them over? Let's take a look at the companies connecting with this powerful demographic.

Brian Wong

How to capture mobile users at specific moments

Brands should consider how they can be useful to the consumer (not the other way around). Here's why you need to pay close attention to mobile behavior.

Steven Picanza

The new way to retail

Retail must reinvent itself time and time again to keep up with the growing demands of today's consumers. Here are the important things to note about today's landscape.

Cezar Kolodziej

The mobile marketing opportunity in the developing world

Mobile device penetration has far exceeded internet access in emerging markets, thus creating a clear path for businesses and brands to reach billions of untapped consumers. Here's what you need to understand.

Drew Hubbard

The best social media campaigns that leveraged selfies

Admit it: You've taken them. You've posted them. But which brands have most successfully socialized the selfie? Let's take a look.

Michael Estrin

8 simple rules for success with mobile content

The mobile revolution is well underway. But is your brand doing mobile the right way? Find out from the experts in the field.

Jennifer Wong

5 metrics that matter when marketing apps

Users have many choices when it comes to news apps. Here's what you need to track to make sure you're meeting your customer's needs.

Peter Platt

3 wearables marketers must follow

Not all tech gadgets are adopted by mainstream consumers. Let's take a look at the wearables that could affect the marketing business.