John Wieber

The growing importance of mobile optimization

When it comes to mobile, should you use responsive or adjustive web design? Consider these aspects when crafting your strategy.

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Why audience expansion is more important than mobile retargeting

Retargeting is a big buzz word in mobile, but don't overlook the potentially lucrative possibilities of audience expansion.

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How to reach consumers in a mobile-first world

With mobile growing larger by the day, brands must focus a lot of their strategizing on this medium. Check out why networks are the key.

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The best mobile campaigns of 2014

In the ever-changing landscape of mobile, this year brought many new and innovative strategies. Check out these companies that went above and beyond.

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4 mobile lead generation best practices

With the ever-increasing presence of mobile, an action plan for generating leads is essential. Follow these tips to get started on creating a differentiated strategy.

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3 reasons your mobile app is failing

Social media shares can be impressive, but if your app isn't translating into revenue, what's the point? Find out how you might be falling short.

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Fight shopping cart abandonment with mobile

Save yourself some heartache. Discover why you should turn to mobile to reengage users and complete the coveted sale.

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3 ways to survive the deadly mobile app funnel

The barriers to success for apps have changed. Here are the major benchmarks you must hit to keep your app alive.

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5 common mistakes in branded mobile games

Building a game for your brand can be a great way to reach new audiences, but too many fall into common pitfalls. Here's what to avoid when pursuing this path.

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3 ways to solve the mobile e-commerce mystery

Mobile traffic continues to climb dramatically, but revenue isn't following. Here's what retailers should consider in order to solve the dilemma.

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Why mobile advertising is still lagging behind desktop

Although mobile adoption is pervasive, its advertising is still weak. Before the platform can truly take over, here are the changes that need to occur.

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The most overrated platforms for mobile marketing

Beloved platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter aren't necessarily powerful marketing solutions. Here's why these sites are overrated for mobile marketing.

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How to save your neglected mobile website

Too many brands are focusing solely on apps. Here's how to stop the damage caused by your mobile site.

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A 3-point guide for mobile web development

Mobile usage increases daily. Is your brand paying attention? Here's how to give customers what they demand.

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How to romance your mobile consumers

The relationships between people and their phones are intimate ones. Here's how marketers can take advantage of this in a genuine way.

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Why you shouldn't treat mobile like display

If your mobile ad strategy looks anything like your web strategy, you have a problem. Here's how to stay ahead of the curve.