Kim Ann King

How to achieve long-term mobile success

It's time to capitalize on the Google mobile initiative by optimizing your mobile channel. This testing guide will help you get there.

Laura Scott

Prioritize mobile friendliness to drive omni-channel results

The time has come to focus on mobile optimization. Learn how a better mobile experience can increase conversions.

Spencer Kollas

Overcome these 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing success

Integrate your email and mobile services in order to create your digital marketing utopia by overcoming the following potential challenges.

Christian Henschel

How the datafication of marketing is affecting the mobile experience

The future of your marketing depends upon how you leverage customer data. Take a look at a few ways in which you can enhance this potential.

Melissa Greenberg

3 mobile lessons from the Secret vs. Whisper app war

The blink-and-you'll-miss-it nature of app fads means that mobile app creators must always be on their toes. These suggestions from one recent social trend will help you keep up with your competitors.

Anthony Iacovone

The truth about hyperlocal mobile advertising

What exactly can hyperlocal tell us about mobile consumers? You may be surprised by some of the possible issues that come with geo-targeted ads.

Kristien Wendt

Don't just advertise: Connect with mobile gaming

How can you take advantage of a ripe and changing culture of video games? Follow the example of these advertising pioneers and create in-app advertisements that your customers will want to click on.

Jason Cooper

Why your mobile in-app ads may never be seen

With mobile usage growing daily, many marketers opt for in-app advertising. Here's why you may not be reaching your audience.

Patricia Mejia

The latest mobile shopping trends you can't afford to ignore

Consumers are taking to mobile with rapid speed -- and how they buy is constantly changing. Here are a few important observations gleaned from recent data.

Brandt Dainow

How the smartphone is killing the tablet

New data reveals that the site traffic once held by tablets has shifted to smartphones, as larger smartphone screens become commonplace. Read on to learn how this affects advertisers, and how you can prepare yourself for what's to come in the mobile marketplace.

Will Cohen

5 mobile advertising best practices

There are plenty of opportunities to earn mobile ad revenue without sacrificing consumer experience. Find out how with these best practices.

Jim Yu

Why good isn't good enough for mobile

Put time and effort into your mobile marketing this year by addressing these commonly overlooked site issues.

Daniel Meehan

How Google is transforming the mobile landscape

The industry giant is making big changes that will affect the way companies should approach their mobile strategies. Here's what you need to know.

Thomas Moyer

3 reasons to reconsider your mobile-first strategy

Before investing in any channel, it is important to take a step back to evaluate your overall media strategy. Find out why this is especially true for mobile.

Rebecca Lieb

The inevitable shift to mobile-first and mobile-only

Consumer needs and expectations have changed, and brands have no choice but to change correspondingly. Get your strategies in order.

John Wieber

The growing importance of mobile optimization

When it comes to mobile, should you use responsive or adjustive web design? Consider these aspects when crafting your strategy.