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February 23, 2005
Searchfeed: Sponsored Content Toolbars and toolbar provider,, announced a partnership that will distribute sponsored content via customized toolbars.

The partnered venture called "EffectiveResults" integrates sponsored ads embedded within the toolbars, which are free to download. says these toolbars create opportunities for websites to earn revenue through specific, sponsored content categories.

"The search-enabled toolbar application will allow users to view's sponsored content and will provide webmasters with an additional way to monetize internet traffic, while further enhancing user experience," says Robert Carroll, content distribution manager,

EffectiveBrand's general download guidelines claim that users can easily uninstall the application and that it does not violate users' privacy.

"This is an increasingly accepted method of content integration. There are approximately 10 new toolbars created every hour through our system," says Ronen Shilo, chief executive officer, EffectiveBrand.

"We're going to be seeing a number of different attempts to address stickiness [how long a user keeps a toolbar on the desktop] and distribution. Bigger search portals like Google and Yahoo! already have the distribution, while smaller providers don't. I think we will see more of this consolation of search and online advertising. The market is still forming, the user-base still growing and many companies are joining forces. So it's only natural to see cooperative campaigns addressing stickiness and distribution," says Mike Salort, vice president, marketing and business development, Viewpoint.

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