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April 07, 2005 Yellow Pages VoIP, Inc., a division of Amazon, has selected eStara to provide voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology for its newly launched Yellow Pages.

Visitors to Yellow Pages can enter their phone numbers online to learn more about a business. With eStara's Push to Talk click-to-call service businesses can contact these customers using VoIP. The businesses and potential customers may communicate by phone, with no cost to either. is presenting this capability as a value-added service.

"More than 70 percent of Push to Talk callers say they used our service while online to make an appointment, reservation or purchase or to get product or service information. eStara's VoIP Push to Talk technology is the most widely deployed click-to-call service in the world, and offers a key differentiator in the local search market. We are happy that Yellow Pages chose us to help provide their users more of what they want -- real-time connections with businesses in their area," says Brad Timchuk, senior vice president, eStara.

Online Yellow Pages-style ad revenue has increased 50 percent since last year, to $669 million, according to The Kelsey Group. A gain of 57 percent is expected for the coming year. Yellow Pages is increasing its usability and value in offering the Push to Talk feature. This service will attract users to's Yellow Pages, and to its advertisers.



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